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No Can I read? A real classic, even though Agenar my spelling sucks, I know is real annoying to watch talk to me through that blue book. Please submit a support ticket and tell us how we can help you. The second ending is similar and results from bringing the blue page back to Achenar. The tech support manual that cam with the game is of no help in the XP environment. There should be more adventure games that take modern tools, and heck, modern game design, and apply them liberally. I am also very excited for Myst V to come out.

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Meaning, I can’t view his profile and find any way to contact him. ME is exactly as I remember it from when I got my original copy, way back when.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance paettized our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I also downloaded the trial version of RealMyst. Now, I simply take a picture and can view it later.

I am hoping to find this for cheap or maybe even get the masterpiece edition. They both warn The Stranger not to touch the green book, as they will become trapped there forever. Board index All times are UTC.



He then asks The Stranger for their help in fighting Gehn and rescuing Catherine on Rivensetting up the events of the next game. I’ve been working forever on getting Myst to work on my computer, but I know this forum isn’t one for direct game questions, so let me get to my main point. You could install the game to the Windows 7 and easily find patches that fix the game Rules This is a pretty open subreddit, and as such, there are very few rules as to what can and cannot be submitted.

In an effort to keep this subreddit as family-friendly as possible, NSFW material may not be posted. Also, can I get in touch with that Friez guy who posted the question in the thread I linked you to?

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Yeah, the rollercoaster in Exile was fun, but basically I read it from the beginning of the island that I’d dsiplay riding the rails. I found that my verion crashes a lot on windows XP But what can I say I can’t wait to see how good it is compared to the rest of the series.

Press N erquires response to each item. Masterpiece Edition back from a friend an hour before 5: I do want to try Riven, though. However, each blames the other for the destruction of the books in The Library with Achenar blaming Sirrus’ greed and Sirrus blaming Achenar’s instability.


On the other hand, if Myst is a Windows 3. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Myst is a popular series of graphical adventure games by Cyan Inc. The game was instead created as a series of pre-rendered 3-D images, arranged into a hypercard stack. Due to the large amount of images and data, this game was one of the first games ever released on CD.

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the game?

orginal MYST, color palletized display driver error | Forums

I can now play the game. But when I tried, I got the same error message as that other guy.

This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Myst on Wikipedia Where can I get Myst? Sign in or Register.

You need to pay attention to a lot of detail. Still Looking for help? How can we help?