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However, I am most disappointed with the software. But, for there is a but, recently, a few days ago, it stopped charging on the base. Battery life is phenomenal; you can go days without recharging. This was too much for me. The pattern appearing on the sensor reveals details on any surface, even glossy surfaces that would look totally uniform when exposed to the LED incoherent illumination. Movement is sharp and i can point very precisely at small targets with very tiny movements. Even at red the mouse will probably last hours or more, unless you’re playing games straight or something.

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Despite the fact that the MX uses a compact lithium-ion battery, it’s still on the large and heavy side for a mouse. Surface Smoothness or roughness: Very good for gaming.

The version of Setpoint that came with my last mouse allowed me to set program-specific button presses but this one doesn’t. Ewin Racing Laesr gaming chair.

Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s All I was really looking for was a rechargeable battery. They don’t work until I pull the bluetooth adapter out of the USB port and insert it again.

Logitech Mx1000 Wireless Laser Cordless Mouse Pc/mac

I used a KVM switch, and each time i switched between my mac and PC, the mouse drivers would go stupid. This mousee how laser enables tracking on virtually any surface. Can some one help by telling me the max range of the receiver? Visit manufacturer site for details. Heck I had one customer buy a second one for her laptop!


It came in a bundle with the MX keyboard, which is fabulous. Open a graphics program, set it to “paint” ie create a line whereever the mouse goes 3. Before resorting to slander and profanity, why don’t you submit your problems in a clear, and coherent way to Logitech and help them fix problems and build a better product.

The weight is just right, the battery meter is a good idea and never goes down, due to the amazing battery lifethe charger is great, the reception is AMAZING, the added buttons are extremely useful and well-designed Right click very often requires 2 clicks to function instead of 1.

The PS2 port has been perfectly reliable, albeit a bit cordldss with the extra dongle. Apple Mac Mini review: Cursor moves suddenly to the left, the buttons are sticky, it takes for ever to register a double click. It is awesome, lots of buttons well-placed, good quality, and all Think I might stay away from Logitech mice. I guess I’ll return it for another one.

It would move suddenly all over, button clicks would get “stuck” and you’d drag instead of click, and the only way to fix it temporarily is to press the sync button on the base. You might also want to consider the Razer Diamondback, I own all three and it’s really only a choice between the and Diamondback if you’re a gamer. I can’t say enough good about this mouse.


DV Hardware review – Logitech MX1000 Laser Cordless Mouse

Both mice have a very weak battery, so if the red light turns on, i have less than 30 minutes left, but I got used to this. Reinstalling the latest version didn’t work.

Yeah, this mouse is pretty sweet. This is really only an issue when gameing, but that’s my primary use for my PC. As far as drivers and all that goes it’s not even required to install them.

Logitech MX Laser Cordless Mouse review: Logitech MX Laser Cordless Mouse – CNET

I don’t know what the problem is with the USB but it’s not working for me. Best Computer Accessories for Minor problems consist of not charging when put into the cradle.

I suspect that an upgrade of the drivers is paser reason why the mouse now behaves erratically.

But, for there is a but, recently, a few days ago, it stopped charging on the base.