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BX register values are not changed. Contact Us , Disclaimer. I’m going to attempt this at some point this evening and I’ll let you know how it works out. When the scheduler queue is empty, there will not be an active LISTEN and the server will not respond to new client calls. It appears that much was removed from this old computer; almost as if someone got into the hard drive and started deleting things willy-nilly.

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Microsoft DOS mscdex command

Post as a guest Name. Not only that, but the floppy drive was having problems reading the disk mcsdex times too. This behavior can occur if any of the following conditions exist: Other required files are provided electronically; see “Availability,” page 5.

If the commands are placed at the end of the file, make certain that the last line is terminated with a return.

Thus, the computer is rendered useless. This answer is useless. If you want to be able to read cd-rom drives using windows while running DOS programs in a DOS window, restart windows do the following I may have a boot disk around for the autoexec.

This exception allows the driver to be installed more than once using the same net name for simultaneous access to more than one CD-ROM server. It is essentially a large CASE statement which switches on the request- header command code. The BIOS does not recognize the drive either. Real World Problems Most of the server is written in the usual, straightforward style characteristic of Ada.


The drivers I was going to e-mail are intended to be installed from a floppy diskette.

I know the drive itself is installed correctly. Alignment holes occur when space is inserted between the components of a record to satisfy alignment requirements of the individual components.

compact disc – Install a CD-ROM driver on MS-DOS – Super User

So, there is no config. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

If you have problems with any type of errors having to do with “not enough drives” you will need to add a statement to the config. If it loads via autoexec. After installing the driver and restarting the system, one of two things happen: The resident part of the client mscfex implements the driver functions that simulate the mwcdex of a true CD-ROM driver.

The extension consists of the three fields after the device name: BX register values are not changed.

The executable file consists of approximately 3K of code and is divided into two parts: The information is right, and is related to the topic of the CD driver, but the instructions provided are exactly what the question-asker is attempting to do, and so this answer doesn’t really help at all. I don’t have a boot disk or any other software for the Compaq you don’t get much for free.


Another common problem is the failure of many programs to fill in the request-header information correctly.

I don’t think you’ll have much luck with the “CD Rom Extensions” diskette, but there might be something useful on it. Hence, communications with the fd should use the MSCDEX-supported send-device-driver request rather than calling the driver directly. EXE knows the name of the hardware driver. BAT, you should get two messages, one from each part of the driver, that will tell you the status ,scdex the driver load.

After initialization, the session tasks call the scheduler and are queued to be assigned to client calls in a fifo basis. Several times, I was also getting a “general failure reading drive A: Specifies the driver name. When a request exceeds this, the client makes multiple requests to the server.