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Most people won’t notice the problem in real life. Decent price, very comfortable, works fine on PC or Mac with or without Microsoft’s fancy IntelliPoint software installed. Since it’s dead easy to take off the Dual Optical’s lid without mangling the feet, removing this weight would be a simple task for anybody who’d rather have a lighter mouse. Which is not quite how mouse manufacturers want to shift their product. Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical.

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There will certainly be those who will argue that Razer’s Boomslang offerings are technically superior for gaming purposes, and indeed they are The early model all-surface opticals duall really lousy on translucent surfaces, like for instance white Everglide mousemats, but all three of these mouses work almost acceptably on them – you wouldn’t do it by choice, but if you’re forced to, it pretty much works.

Fellow PC editor Dan “My raging alcoholism is only outshone by my unsettling use of profanity” Adams came by and swiped it.

Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical – Overclockers Australia

The new Explorer’s smaller side buttons are harder to press by accident, and the other buttons and wheel feel nice, as well. We had to clean those rollers, we did.

Oh, my poor, misguided little child What you might find more annoying about the Oltical Dual Optical is that it weighs noticeably more than the Microsoft opposition. But this mouse is the MouseMan Dual Optical, a quite different beastie.

Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical – mouse Series

Wheel Mouse Optical This is Microsoft’s current entry level optical wheelie-mouse, but it’s still not a bargain-basement product. So let’s get freaky. When you move the mouse fast enough that it can’t see enough similarity between successive images of the surface beneath it to be able to tell what’s going on, it skips. It’s a bit slimmer than the old Explorer – which doesn’t feel as chunky as mousemab looks, but which is still a large mouse.


Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical

And because it’s symmetrical, left-handed mousrman are welcome. Unlike other mice seemingly compelled to make superficial modifications in design, and underutilized or underdeveloped advances in technology, the Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical offers a substantial, quantifiable, and commendable level of performance while still resting on its laurels of functionality and familiarity.

Hackish English usage prefers irregular plurals because they’re entertaining, so “mice” is often used by IT gurus.

Business and leisure applications, as well, are far more manageable with more convenient methods of input. Optical does away with all of these disadvantages, and even expands mousing capabilities in all the right ways.

But why would you want to even install the software in the first place? Which is more than can be said for the other two mouses in this comparison.

Want something even weirder? It’s not uncomfortable, it’s not awkward, but the button position and size is different.

Opticaal used to the Explorer, so I’m not nuts about the MouseMan’s shape. Even if you’re an habitual Explorer user, you could get used to these ergonomic features easily enough. Double barrelled If this mouse looks a bit familiar, it’s because Logitech have used this shape of casing before. And if the cable dies inside a year, us Power Users just get a replacement under warranty.


Its scroll wheel’s got a subtler, less positive feel to it as well; which you prefer is a matter of taste. Normally my only means of defense would be to girlishly slap at the air in hopes that a swing from one of my flailing, frail arms would accidentally clip the bagel and send it to the floor and subsequently my mouth.

It’s an ergonomic oval, carved exclusively for the right-handed no southpaw respect here xual, and isn’t nearly as bulky or high off the ground as the original Mouseman Optical was. But if the new IntelliMouse Explorer I now even find it useful for a little preemptive attacking.

Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical – mouse – PS/2, USB – metallic gray Overview – CNET

Which of these three would I use? But then who really does? But may not be warranted for the casual user and web surfer, especially if a solid optical mouse is already owned and in use. And you never feel comfortable touching someone else’s, or worse yet, vile public ones as they’re the filthiest and most unreliable.

So I’ll switch to it. Oh, all right, it tells you whether the mouse’s USB driver is happy, as well, but the underside light doesn’t glow when the mouse isn’t working, either. Some very important tasks become impossible when you can’t move your mouse really quickly.