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Users may be instructed by tech support to run this application to get detailed information about the system for troubleshooting audio problems. This installer updates an mk3 to firmware version 1. File will update your Traveler to the latest version 1. It also provides CPU performance optimizations and addresses some issues with bit operation. Follow on-screen installer instructions. This install provides compatibility updates for Tiger OSX

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Order your update ROM chip. It requires a full install, including iLok authorization, of MX4 version 2. It requires a previously installed and authorized Electric Keys version 1. For more info, launch the app. Traveler users can also install the Traveler Hardware Update version 1. Installer contains update version 1. Hardware packaged specifically for Macintosh requires the updated ROM chip.

Using the Legacy FireWire Driver in Windows 7

Update profiles only for use with Unisyn 2. A previous install and authorization of AudioDesk 2. This update does not apply to original Travelers. Mac OS X version Click the link below to download and install the latest iLok Extensions.


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The folder will contain a disk image named “Disk1”. This is a maintenance update of Volta. Please refer to the 2.

This program updates the MicroBook II firmware to version 1. This installer will update profiles that shipped with Unisyn 1.

The library content remains the same. Archive contains version 2. This Unisyn profile will open a. This download contains the Symphonic Instrument sound library in the form of a.

Click link below to order. Refer to QuickStart Guide for help setting up and operating demo.

New to Digital Performer?

Please refer to the 1. It will not install newer profiles that were only available with the Unisyn 1. Follow on-screen installer instructions.

This is a maintenance update of Ethno Instrument. This update requires a previous install of MachFive 2 or 2.

Please refer to Read Me contained in installer for more info. This update installs Symphonic Instrument version 1. So, if the file is in a folder on the C drive called console, the command to properly expand the files would be c: The archive also contains additional documentation to supplement mltu audio interface User Guide. The latest version of the iLok Drivers can be downloaded via the link below.


Windows Vista bitWindows 7 bit. This update includes compatibility changes and enhancements.