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I tried sending a message from my phone to itself with Chinese – also blank. Bob and yetieater for providing the info: Save to Phone 5. Everything else found on this site as a download is on this page. This program removes the date and clock and operator text display on the main screen. Once it’s done just pick a reflash file you like and flash the phone and you are back on your feet again.

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Apr 8 Splash screen mod flash file 2. After a couple of seconds, your phone will turn on and say, “Charging”. Jul 14 You can control a wide range of settings through SEEM edits.

This post has been edited by mirage Before we get started, take a look at Calling all funlight. If you’re not afraid to flash, then you can reflash with a monster pack.

I’m writing up this thread with one intention in mind – making sure that this becomes your one stop source for help regarding your phone. A drop of water may have gone underneath p2j chips and components where you cannot get to to dry.


Make sure you are in P2K mode. Apr 26 Newer version of program.

Unlock Motorola V3 RAZR and go to the Moon!

Check out other forum, some flash lock certain service eg: File 4 – Contains: I host two versions of this program. How do i turn-up the v3i phone volume?

It’s a limitation that may be overcome in the future, but it’s hard to say for now. Sep 24 I never used it: What if you want to change cl. I’m running Windows XP with Service Pack 1 and I just got lucky installing everything and motoorola it work the first time.

Jul 3 Best to note it all down.

I myself just copy the skin directory over to the respective directories on the phone itself. This ends the “trouble? I believe the majority of the modifications listed within this thread are compatible with the V3x.

Downloads page – Hack the V3: Downloadable files and programs for the Motorola V3

Pretty much anything will run on it, from the best of my knowledge. Mod My Moto Forums. I have a noob question here. You may want to back up the original Motorola cl. Finally, I inquired on a Firmware reflash for the wifes phone, would an upgrade be appropriate for the memory in this case and if so, can you link me to one that would help or the same one given my specs above.


The transfer rate is slow because the ,otorola uses USB 1. The Basics Congratulations – now you’ve learned how to ensure proper communication between your phone and your computer. Flash with a monster pack.

Flashing your phone will not erase any of your media or settings.