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Does upgrading to 0. If I stop it using the vlc gui I can start playing the stream as many times as I want with no problem. The post command simple uses taskkill to shut down capvhs. The “Stop Recording” executable and parms fields in External Recorder allow you to run an application immediately after the recording completes comskip, for instance. Skip to main content. I can change channels but can’t record HD or SD.

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Click “Next” and then select the option to “Include this location in the search”. I’m pretty short on free time. If it is successful I would be glad to share with whoever is interested. VLC seems to be fairly sensitive to how it gets closed.

The also supports the Purevideo decoder and is less expensive than the For explicit recording, it will use the duration that the user specified when creating a manual recording or, if it’s a scheduled recording via the TV Guide, it will use the duration of the “program” for UbuStream this is panfl “dummy” XMLTV EPG entry that UbuStream users can generate, specifying whatever arbitrary duration they wish. I pajel added the channel.

Click the “Browse” button and navigate to the folder where you saved the software drivers back in Step 1. I’m new to this all. If you’re looking for a way to record shows to your Mac, check out this tutorial.


I’ve long bemoaned the fact dcf6412 I can’t get my HD recordings off my cable box, but this gives me hope.

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I am probably going at this the hard way but it seems to be close. Copyright – All Rights Reserved.

Run the CapDVHS program that you downloaded in Step 1 above, and select the “Setting” tab to configure the location of saved video files. Please trust us, we will never send you spam. Sometimes it takes times for the handshaking to go through properly and for CapDVHS to start without error.

Someone with more experience with vlc and how to control it will have to see if cct6412 can figure it out. I can only suggest googling for some utility that would av/d the firewire source or as I’ve already suggested searching the VideoLAN forums to see if there’s some workaround for this bug. It seems to work really well. At REfficient, we regularly get asked questions on the differences between models, what hard drive sizes do digital cable boxes have and what features does each unit offer.

I have done some more testing with this and it appears that with VLC being mororola in this manner it is leaving the cable box device in a “messed up” state. Next step is the Software Recorder plugin.

Send Motorola DVR shows to a PC via Firewire

Oh well, I will see if it worked when I get home this evening. Here are six ways REfficient has seen … Continue reading. Did not look any better than the onboard intel video card. paneo


Personally i got a fanless Radeonit has double the pipelines of the and costs the same. Select the Data Info tab so that you can see the capture take place.

If we could just find a motirola to make sure VLC gets closed “gracefully” I think we would be homefree.

Send Motorola DVR shows to a PC via Firewire | DVRplayground

Please post them so we don’t have to rewrite: Become the technical guru everyone loves. I don’t really don’t get why the External Recording is doing a kill before the stop logic. I do see a counter incrementing. The end result should look like this in the Device Manager, with both devices installed under “Imaging Devices”:.

This can be used to change the channel on the box. SD looks good but I will have to work on the HD streams. When people make a HD PVR buy, many questions naturally arise given the varying models, specifications and features.