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Find a mentor Web Programming. Retrieve documents Let’s build our first read query to give us all the documents in the students collection in our database. The maximum document size helps ensure that a single document cannot use excessive amount of RAM or, during transmission, excessive amount of bandwidth. A collection is not restricted to containing only one kind of document. This is a fluent interface that gives us simple syntax to things like Count , Skip , Sort , and Limit more on this ahead.

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Working with MongoDB in .NET (Part 2): Retrieving Documents with Filter Clause

A thread can temporarily reserve a connection from the connection pool by using RequestStart and RequestDone. Only a few of the C Driver classes are thread safe. The name of the solution file is CSharpDriver The advantage of using the static Create methods is that they can return a pre-created instance for frequently used values.

The ToBoolean method never fails. IMongoQuery is a marker interface that identifies classes that can be used as queries. To create and initialize a BsonArray with multiple values use any of the following approaches: A common mistake is to forget the inner set of braces. If you downloaded the binaries zip file simply extract the files mongocudsor place them wherever you want them to be.


Here are some more:. Email Required, but never shown. Retrieve documents Let’s build mongocurosr first read query to give us all the documents in the students collection in our database. Start External Program Set external program to: We can do the same thing above with a string using the code below and we would still get the same result:.

Use FindAndModify when you want to find a matching document and update it in one atomic operation. NET mongocyrsor to BsonValue:.

Use the fluent interface to set the properties.

The available connection modes are automatic the defaultdirect, replica set, and shardrouter. GitHub flavored markdown supported. Mmongocursor easy way to run the unit tests is to set one of the unit test projects as the startup project and configure the project settings as follows using BsonUnitTests as an example: He currently works with Field Intelligence were he helps build logistic and supply chain apps.

It counts how many times each key is found in a collection. They can also return null which a constructor cannot which is useful for handling mongocureor elements when creating BsonDocuments using functional construction.

MongoCursor Class

If you have multiple servers listed, and one is part of a replica set and another is not, then the connection mode is non-deterministic. This is a fluent interface that gives us simple syntax to things like CountSkipSortand Limit more on this ahead.


Craiggwilson That is correct. ToList ; await collection.

Murray Long Have figured this out I think. The port number is optional and defaults to The C Driver is available in source and binary form. This might not be ideal in certain scenarios, and the cursor is helpful when the query result is huge and we can move the cursor by calling MoveNextAsync or MoveNext. Also, by using the QueryWrapper class the query can be of any type that can be successfully serialized to a BSON document, but it is up to you to make sure that the serialized document represents a valid query object.

Update queryupdate.

CSharp Driver Tutorial — MongoDB Manual

NET value will automatically be converted to a BsonValue. Sometimes a c## of operations needs to be performed on the same connection in order to guarantee correct results. So let’s say we want to get students whose ages are less than 25 and the first name is not Peter and print out their first and last names.