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They use a dpi thermal printhead for printing. Lift the upper supply guide and remove the gently outward with a screwdriver. Remove bi-cell emitter from the upper supplyguide. The printer continuously stores data from the most 2. Board at connectors CN4 and CN5. Column field position is greater than maximum stock dimension.

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The interface is incorporated in the microcontroller and has DIP switches to set communications parameters. Verify supply type; cutter only cuts tags. The center transmissive sensor is intended only for supplies that have an aperture hole located in the 1. CN 6 Transformer Output Pow Font style must be 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, 15, 16, 17, 18, or Download and extract the contents of the zipped file. The with ethernet capabilites shares the monarhc port bus between an internal and external parallel port.


Print multiple is outside range 1 to The printer is out of supplies. Be careful not to lose 7. Remove six wires leading to the transformer. Monarch printer international operating instructions pages.

Ensure stock and ribbon are properly loaded. Printhead Module Removal Remove the printhead ribbon cable connector at the printhead end.

Call customer service to order a new printhead. Verify ribbon installed correctly. Press 1 to set aperture sensor.

Press Clear and try to continue. Lubricate with multi-purpose grease using a assembly mounting screws are tight.

Monarch 9820 Printer User Manual

Press down on guide frame until latches engagethe platen frame. Remove snap pin from rear latch fascia by prying 2.

Quickset Label Designer Version 1. On-Demand, Continuous, andoptional Peel Mode7.

Monarch TM : Printer User Manual

Reinstall sensor harness through retainer loops. Check to ensure tags being used do not exceed0.

The printer continuously stores data from the mostrecent 16 supplies printed. Press the right arrow to display Port settings. Also Mmonarch for Reference manual – pages. This can happen if the motors are not working, the stock is binding, the platen is sticky, or if any condition is present that prevents ribbon rotation.


Release wires from loop holder2.

Printer | Avery Dennison

Press Feed and Clear at the same time until the display reads Mode 3. CN 4 Control Panel Service needs to adjust the sensor if asensor component fails in the field or for specificcustomer supplies.

Squeeze halfway between pulleys.

All electronic activity for the serial port is limited to the Prijter Board Assembly. Page 8 Safety SummaryWarning and caution messages appear throughout this manual. The interface is incorporatedin the microcontroller and has DIP switches to setcommunications parameters.