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Chris on September 25, at 9: In both Windows and games the Saiph works extremely well. Under the shell is a dpi Cypress laser sensor. The Saiph is a corded mouse and connects to the PC via a 1. Personally I like a heavy feel to my mouse so I left all nine weights in.

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A nicely presented product while increasing production costs does mean that a customer feels they are getting more for their money, and usually in the world of 2300 end peripherals like this, are willing to spend that bit extra to get the best for their money.

Most often we are faced with testing out the latest motherboards, processors, and graphics cards to see how well they work with Linux under different conditions and a variety of tests. The money shot of the mouse is proudly displayed on the front and the details adorn the packaging, as would be expected.

Editors Didn’t Like Right handed only Adhesive coming off thumb grip No driver disc Rubber not saipj glued Long fingers make the mouse feel small Expensive. On the top you get your usual two main buttons and scrollwheel with clickand situated below that are two dedicated buttons for swapping between seven dpi increments.

Mionix Saiph 3200 Gaming Mouse

The Saiph and Alioth certainly make for a remarkable product line, which is especially impressive considering that the manufacturer is still really just starting out within the marketplace. The first thing you will notice about the Saiph is the smart box. The scroll wheel can be set to move either one, three or six lines at a time, or even a whole page.


All buttons when clicked could sai;h mapped through the X Event Viewer Newcomers Mionix are quickly proving themselves as a competent producer of peripherals for the gaming market.

Mionix Saiph review – Engadget

While those are obviously the components that most Linux users are concerned with when it comes to Linux compatibility and performance, plenty of peripherals to this day don’t work under Linux or will only do so to a limited extent or after jumping through various hurdles to get a half-working device.

Fortunately for Mionix, on the most part it did so admirably; though its not a perfect product. Similar for the Alioth mouse mat, a soft backed mat that can be rolled for easy storage and transport, contained in a nice clear poly container letting you see the quality of the goods.

In a complete reversal for my expectations to what I was expecting with the Mionix mouse mat, the Saiph had a lot to live up to. The Saiph is a corded mouse and connects to the PC via a 1. Keeping your skills in top playing condition require high precision hardware, which includes a high resolution mouse that can pinpoint a pixel at x At first I want to thank Mionix for providing me the Saiph gaming mouse sample for reviewing.

The Saiph is a very nice mouse that Im happy with overall, and I think most others who pick it up will be happy as well. I used to use a logitech gaming mouse but it caused me discomfort in my arm. Mionix products are backed by a two-year warranty against defects.

Mionix Saiph 3200 Review

Not too expensive and much better than the price might suggest. Any gamer, casual or otherwise, knows that having just a high spec mouse is not good enough; you need the surface to go with it.


Their latest send-out is the Saiph Gaming Mouse and a jumbo sized mouse mat called the Alioth The front side of the package also flips up to offer a view of the mouse itself. It is a simple black design that bears more than a slight resemblance to the Razer Deathadder, with the glowing Mionix logo and illuminated scroll wheel brightening it up.

Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website. It would be much better if the colours at least cycled through in a logical sequence or, even better, you could choose the colour for each DPI level through the drivers. So seven buttons in total, five of which are programmable. After using it with Ubuntu 9. Rather oddly there was nothing else in the box at all. The Mionix Saiph is advertised as having an ergonomic design, offers in-game DPI adjustment, a weight tuning system, and a 1.

In both Windows and games the Saiph works extremely well. As was said earlier, Mionix is a company we never heard of before, but they were founded just back in Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website. All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners. Building a better mouse trap is almost synonymous with finding a cure for the common cold: