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If the Universal Credit Card Driver is already configured go to the next section. Automated Inventory Solutions, Inc. BMT Micro has been providing turnkey e-commerce solutions since When specifically tied to a smart phone, cardholders can use features such as payment history, virtual card provisioning, remote deactivation, and user-configured pin-protection. Need your order pages in German, French, Spanish, or other languages? Enter one of the following values: Page 7 of

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BMT Micro has been providing turnkey e-commerce solutions since What is a Payment Gateway? The RFID chip in the credit card is not powered and relies on radio frequency RF energy transferred from the powered contactless payment terminal to the card in order to power the chip-on-card. Please be sure that at a minimum the following areas are covered: The POS Data Code is a fixed 12 character string of data in the authorization message which indicates the condition of the POS Device and transaction at the time of the authorization.

At a minimum use bit WEP for data encryption.


Global Digital Commerce Solution

Click Microsoft Control Panel. We cannot be held liable for any problems arising from More information.

Include any dialing prefix necessary to get an outside line e. Antivirus software, when properly deployed, will protect and rid your system of Malware. Note, however, that EMV CCPS is used for the physical card-to-terminal communication, and is different from the proprietary payment transaction protocol.

Next-Gen Payment Processing Tech: Contactless RFID Credit Cards

Secure your Remote Access Software i. If the system attempts to perform an authorization but cannot gain a connection e.

Aborts a batch settlement if the batch file contains a detail record with an authorization code longer than 6 digits. Reproduction in any manner. This guide contains proprietary information protected by copyright. Monetra Payment Software Fast Start: Terminal Number Enter the 4-digit number used to identify seckred specific terminal within an establishment.

Configuring Print Audit Secure Select the language code from the cwrd list: For example, the following sample message might display: No part of this publication may More information. Symantec, the Symantec Logo, the Checkmark.

Each modem has a 1-digit number associated with it. Merchant City Enter the name of the city where the merchant is located. Malware can take several forms.


Payment Gateways 101

Any files stored on the system that contain customer data should be wiped from the system. Page 9 of Then follow the instructions in this guide to More information. Communications Channel Specifies the type of interface connection used between the merchant and the credit card processor.

This should be used wherever WPA is not available. Enable Card-Level Results Card-level results are enabled by turning on this option. Phone Number Enter the telephone number used for authorizations and settlement. Up to 25 characters is allowed. It is designed for easy deployment on. Merchant ID Number The digit number used to identify the merchant.