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I’ve updated the firmware of my card Delock single esata port in MacBook Pro early but I didn’t notice any improvement. Also, I think Velociraptors need 12 volt power, so you won’t be able to use it in most 2. To the guys that have it working- do you have just the Sil driver in your extensions folder or do you have two – the other one called something like silr5 which is the RAID 5 driver? In either case it needs reboot mostly for either the Mac OS to see it or of course for the FirmTek driver to see. To save space here page already huge see my comments in the Jan.

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Esara via a USB connection, a Velociraptor is a better experience while in the virtual machine – I’ve done it in a standard 3. I don’t know of anyone that’s tried one with a MBP however. If I had one I’d disable spotlight indexing on it and turn off hibernate mode saves writing GB’s of ram contents to disk at sleep – plus delete the existing sleepimage file, expres GBs of SSD space.

Lastly, after repeated copies back and forth of large. Hoping that Apple comes out with a fix for this issue soon I’m also curious if the natively supported in OS X Aside from just mounting the.

Hope it is works for others too. Of course you could create a clone bootable via the onboard interfaces also Firewire for instance. It does not matter whether you plug it in or out again- it will maac show up again until reboot. May not be related but is Energy saver set to allow drive sleep? Any of recent or GB per platter drives would probably exceed firewire ‘s bandwidth.


Yes, in the firmware tab of the card you can see the version of the firmware. I should point out that Apple’s website claims the incompatible version of these drivers is “1. In his case a natively supported JMicron chip based card. Performance-wise, using the esata connection generally significantly outperformed the USB port on seata combo-drive.

Best eSATA ExpressCard/Enclosure for the MBP?

After testing, I found out that the SSD is vulnerable to overheating. As soon as I unplug the card, all of my problems magically disappear. Reportedly this was Fixed in OS X Naturally it could not run off USB power. The application will try and start, but will freeze and then I cannot even force quit it.

To save space here page already huge see my comments in the Jan. Other users will have to be content with Firewireor go the ultra high performance dual internal drive route as with an MPG Pro Laptop. Even ONE failure out of is too many of course.

VelociRaptor ‘External’ HD

Code 12 If you want to use this device, you will need merwx disable one of the other devices on this system. Looking here at a list of device bandwidths, it shows ExpressCard at over double that of b, and I believe this list is old, it could be even more.


I started thinking what might cause the crc errors and then it hit me. I’m sure apple had many reports via their product feedback forms about this, so I’m surprised it’s not been fixed already. Then I tried it the other way around.

Expresw me, it worked out of the box, without needing any drivers with Forgot to mention, I am running!

Expresscard 34 eSATA driver not working i… – Apple Community

The first time I used the card, I tried to use the Disk Utility to “restore” my boot drive to the eSATA, as soon as I entered my admin password, an immediate kernel panic. If not, I doubt it they will be of any help. If that’s the case then I shouldn’t have to build an external HD but instead just buy one outright.

It even mounts drives or partitions with a FirmTek custom icon which is great to be able to distinguish the Express Card volumes from others on desktop. Folks love to jump all over the data transfer limitations usb or firewire and comparisons, but forget two important characteristics a Velociraptor would bring in an external solution.