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It initially wants to treat it like an extended desktop, but check a few boxes, move some monitors around, and viola you have a new primary monitor. Enter the e-mail address of the recipient Add your own personal message: For two weeks we struggled to get both outputs working at the same time. I dont do 3D graphics, at least at the moment, so this is probably not a big deal. Lou using old laptop with x and it only does it with external. There are some new USB-based video adapters out there.

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You have the right idea: I say “somewhat” because is was still hard to follow. It shows up as stretched and I don’t gain any desktop realestate, which was the goal or I can set the monitor to 4: I don’t have any personal experience with USB adapters, assuming they even exist.

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I believe there’s a setting in XP to control what happens when you close the lid. I think this is because display-togo laptop does not treat it like a monitor attached to the integrated VGA out.

MARGI Presenter-To-Go CF to VGA

Getting extra memory on the second video card will probably be a waste. My client may make up his mind before you get it he’s weighing the VTBook against buying a second PCbut I definitely want to hear about it.


Quick Update – Had the laptop out of the office and when I hooked it back up, most of the settings were retained. I am glad to say that I am now writing this post with many other windows open and lots of desktop to spare. As they say it MAY hang the system. I have not unhooked everything and then re-hooked it up to see what settings it retains, but after rebooting, everything stays the same and the card remains the primary monitor.

So, if you want to use your notebook with the lid closed using external keyboard and mouse of courseyou must connect an external display also to the built-in video connector. The setup of the V-Tronic was fairly straightforward thanks to better than average documentation.

dual-head PCMCIA videocard – Thinkpads Forum

Oh well, I mari just about to say I found references to Powerstrip in the Dell forums. Maybe the Margi’s DVI cable is incompatible with the monitor’s? I will see if I can dig up the page and post a link. One thing I’m interested in is how Windows and the laptop sees the new monitor.

When you enabled the Extended Desktop on one screen, the other one would blank out. Thankfully, he doesn’t have the extra complications of a widescreen display to worry about.

Yes, I’ve run the LaCie firewire card and the Margi card at the same time. From a quick look at the spec sheet it looks as though you should be able to drive a external monitor at a resolution up to x Watch the refresh rate when you try Jarrod’s suggestion, because LCDs usually don’t work above 75 Hz.


In combination displqy-to-go windbg to check what is actually happening when running the code I was able to update the X Windows Driver for the NeoMagic. And that’s for the one-slot version.

And yes there are differences. Definitely no problem with the computer going to sleep. Keep me apprised if you run into any of those quirks, and thanks for the help. I dont do 3D graphics, at least at the moment, so this is probably not a big deal.

FS: Margi Display to Go 4MB PC card

Wasn’t paying attention to the part after the Login or create an account to post a review. The drivers are smart enough to know screen’s limitations. Hey Noah, has the VTBook come in yet?

I probably won’t be able to resist buying it for more than 24 hours. No registered users and 12 guests.