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This keyboard is amazing for synths and pretty good for organs because of the ungodly amount of knobs and buttons and sliders. The M Audio KeyStation Pro 88 is a full midi keyboard with midi out and midi in with all of the octaves of a real piano. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. When I first saw this I thought it would be much more expensive than it is, as it is quite reasonably priced. But it’s always easy to reach the highest velocity.

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I also have M-audio’s Axiom 61 much better in the way of craftsmanship but doesn’t have the weighted pr and I also used to own a Korg TR Their are midi keyboards and are not intended to feel like a real piano.

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As for channel and patch selection, that is also something you have to assign with a program, at least thats how I did it I use mainstage, and if you are a mac user, so should you because it rocks!!!

Works well with Digital Performat 4. The manual is thorough and is useful when learning exactly what everything does with this machine.

Feels really heavy for a MIDI controller, so it must be pretty well built. Ma-udio looking for a professional MIDI controller to use either in the studio or in a live setting should definitely look at this unit.


Mholla January 0- You can control anything you’d like when it comes to using this with a computer. It also works great for controlling rack modules if you want to use this on the go. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. The manual does explain how to do that though.

M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 Controller Keyboard B&H

I have experimented with different built-in velocity curves but m-audi problem persists. The manual is small and pretty much covers all the things you need to know about this keyboard. The characteristics that motivated my choice were the 88 weighted keys and the price.

The Korg’s key action was actually a little lighter which I didn’t really like but despite that, the keyboard had a great feel and I could m-aufio on that thing. M-Audio continues life on lro cutting edge with the introduction of the Keystation Pro 88a USB-powered MIDI master controller keyboard with 88 velocity sensitive keys, a piano-like keyboard design called Hammer Action, and a collection of knobs, levers and buttons sufficient in quantity to populate the control panel of, say, the spaceship Challenger.

Just plug it in and start hitting keys, pretty much. This happens every time I sit down and play m-auido, but it only happens the first time you strike the key and then it is fine and its not all the keys, but quite a few. I highly suggest this as a smart buy for anyone using Reason software.

Lots of knobs and sliders, and templates for lots of popular software. The only cons are: It is very difficult to make a soft sound it tends to make things sound harder than you hit it.


I’m still learning how to use it but for the things that I do it is doing a great job. I made a pun. Did you find this review helpful? Seems pretty damn solid to me. Finally, there is the issue of price, which for a controller keyboard with the capabilities and features of the Keystation Pro 88, is astonishingly low. The manual that came with it was pretty sad actually, Not to mention the software that came with my version was keystatoon and i never did get to try it.

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You wont be able to do those quick sliding melodies and synth lines with this board because the keys are too heavy. Originally posted on FutureProducers.

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. The features are incredible, you can have total control over everything.

Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. The keyboard is also amazingly light when you take into account that the keys are semi-weighted.