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What happens when dirt gets between the keys? Why do keyboard manufacturers assume users want that button? Dark Victorian style wallpaper download Older: Note that configuring each button required a bit of trial and error. There is no question that the Logitech diNovo Edge has a unique style unmatched by any other keyboard. Logitech diNovo Edge Mac Edition specs.

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Logitech diNovo Edge Mac Edition Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

No edgr as the MX Revolution offers similar wireless usage performance. Images do not do this keyboard justice A short unedited video walk-through of the Logitech diNovo Edge.

Note that configuring each button required a bit of trial and error. Mac OS X supports the illuminated volume control.

The rest can be placed back into the box and kicked under the bed. Note that I am unable to confirm if the following installation tips will result in similar performance under Mac OS X Designed for Mac Special key functions give you access to Safari, iTunes and Mail, among other exclusive Mac programs, with a single touch.

Logitech diNovo Edge Mac Edition Wireless Bluetooth

No official Mac OS X driver support from Logitech means limited functionality see update below for a workaround Lack of edye keypad. Thank Logitech for making this a Windows keyboard. Did I say that already? The diNovo also features a TouchDisc for scrolling. A charging base is included, allowing you to easily charge the keyboard when it’s not in use. Shipped, Logitech includes the following items: Lofitech Battery The keyboard features an internal rechargeable lithium ion battery.


The slim diNovo Edge boasts a svelte design being less than half an inch thick and features an internal rechargeable battery that can power the device for hours with only a few minutes of charging.

No Longer Available Update Location close. Un-clutter your desktop workspace by going wireless.

My BlackBerry is jealous. Swap loogitech keys, as well as configure a few other Windows defaults, using the open-source DoubleCommand System Preference utility. The Bluetooth indicator on the front will blink in green. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. On-touch Bluetooth pairing button. Logitech diNovo Edge Mac Edition reviews. Large charging unit why not offer the option to plug the cable straight into the keyboard?

In order to enjoy the keyboard with Mac OS X, the only items required are the the actual diNovo Edge and charging unit. No official driver support. Although the extra buttons along the left side will fail to function properly, the illuminated trackpad, volume control, and sleep button work.


This mechanism distributes typing force evenly across key surfaces, facilitating natural and fluid keying. I realized that much of the functionality of the media keys and extra buttons can be restored by mapping funtions using a shareware utility known as ControllerMate. The power icon at the top right corner will have an orange indicator.

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The diNovo Edge media keys are now configured with the following settings: This keyboard must be used with a Bluetooth enabled Mac computer. A short unedited video walk-through of the Logitech diNovo Edge. Additional functions include TouchDisc for scrolling, backlit controls and the PerfectStroke key system.

Bluetooth Sinovo Interface The wireless Bluetooth interface allows you to use your keyboard without having to worry about the cord getting caught or tangled.