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It works well as a practice interface. I use windows vista , it always turned, no matter the windows used, but also on mac. Most relevant reviews See all 35 reviews. One of the most exciting elements of the UX1 is its suite of mic preamp models — six of them in total. The UX1 takes its lead from the GuitarPort and offers guitar amp, bass amp and mic preamp emulations in software, and also features an audio interface that provides all the necessary connectivity. Which seems crazy because it is VERY easy to use.

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Sort by most recent most useful. It has a built in tuner app that’s at least ok.

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Great Device for learning new styles or starting out. Email to privacypolicy yamahaguitargroup. tonport


In short tpneport is an external sound card really cheap that I can very easily take over the sound of the amp and that’s all I ask. The TonePort UX1 is probably the cheapest, most economically efficient way to practice at home, try new sounds, and record your riffs.

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Experienced player s would look for something more than this. See details for additional description. However, don’t use the presets – go in to the basic amp modes and create your own. One of the most exciting elements of the UX1 is its suite of mic preamp models — six of them in total. My guitar experience is not very seasoned, only 2 years, but I play a ton and am very dedicated.

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I’ve got a Berhringer Mic with a Gold Lion 12ax7. I think the issue is with my computer.

Again, these bass-orientated emulations are very authentic. This is still the entry-level and more difficult to control a real amp if you want to play well and sound, and a bit limited as audio interface. For the Home Recording enthusiast on a linw6 budget, it can kill 3 or 4 birds with one stone! I had not tried before buying.