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Review Sections Review Specs. Featuring a novel in-screen fingerprint reader, the OnePlus 6T is neck-and-neck with other Phone is responsive and stable, good HTML browser by feature phone standards. On the upside, the position of the controls on the spine gives the Ki the ergonomics of a standalone camera when you tip the phone horizontally. The topmost number key row become camera settings buttons and light up in blue. For all but dark club shots and outdoor night shots, we recommend experimenting with turning the flash off– we consistently got brighter and more balanced shots with it off. Supports Image and Video Stabilizer so videos and photos taken would be less likely to appear blurred and shaky.

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Sony Ericsson Ki – Wikipedia

Sony Ericsson always does a good job with its displays, and the Ki is no exception. Luminous Green which is black with green accents and Velvet Blue which is black with blue and light silver accents.

Moreover, as in most Sony Ericsson phones, the camera software, called camdriver, can be modified to bring new features along with considerable improvement.

The bottom end of the Ki turns down to expose the SIM and memory card slots. Obviously, the 5 megapixel camera with autofocus lens and Xenon flash is the centerpiece of the Cybershot Ki.

These are fairly powerful by feature phone standards, with most Outlook fields supported included home and work address, email address, URL, birthday and more.

Bluetooth – LG KM900 vs Sony Ericsson K850i

The Ki strikes us as lightly updated Ki that looks more modern and clean. But is it really that bad?


The Note 9 is a terrific phone, but Samsung is clearly holding back for Downloading videos from vluetooth web was a fast affair on the other hand, and applications likewise download very quickly. The phone has 40 megs of free internal memory for storage and a memory card slot that accepts Memory Stick Bluetoooth M2 and microSD cards microSD card support is rare from Sony Ericsson thanks to Sony’s interest in the Memory Stick format.

Sony Ericsson Ki – Phone Reviews by Mobile Tech Review

On the left spine you’ll find a volume rocker, which doubles as a zoom control when the phone is in camera mode. That’s the itchy-scratchy position Sony Ericsson finds themselves in with the Ki coming out a half a year after the flagship Nokia N Indeed, both handsets offered a broad array of features, good call quality, and superior photos.

There’s an accelerometer than senses phone orientation and switches to landscape k8850i when in multimedia applications and three touch sensitive keys, also new for the Ki.

The electrostatic touch sensitive keys are marked with tiny white dots, but don’t try to zone in and touch them exactly, which would indeed be difficult to do. Retrieved April 4, If the answer to these questions is yes, the N95 is your animal.

The Ki inherits the Ki’s little number keys, but these are square rather than round and a bit rubbery for better dialing traction. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in Cyber-shot cameras Sony Mobile mobile phones Mobile phones introduced in The gloss black surface looks simply lovely until quickly and all too easily covered with fingerprints.


Though the silver buttons are raised above the surface of the phone, they’re somewhat small and they’re crammed next to the display.

Archived from the original on July 15, This is an iSync 2. The Ki improves significantly on the Cybershot Ki it replaces.

The back comprises the camera on the Ki, and is not removable. Sony Ericsson Ki review: Don’t show this again. It’s definitely not as easy to dial or text compared to the Nokia N95 or other more normally designed phones, but it’s usable and the wide berth between keys helps. The SIM and memory cards also load here, and you need not remove the battery to swap i850i memory card.

Good depth of field with strong detail on the lilly and no washing out of highlights.

The center soft key is usually the one that replaces the d-pad center action, and it’s fairly easy to slide a finger up past the d-pad to press the soft key without too much extra motion nor did we find ourselves accidentally hitting it, it does take a bit of thought and effort to activate the touch sensitive control. Colors are accurate, if not sometimes understated and we couldn’t find a hint of color cast in outdoor shots.

Color balance in auto mode is too warm.