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That space happened when I cut and pasted to the web. Example We shall rewrite the ” first. For subsequent access with parameter “guess”, setGuess bound earlier in jsp: A key-value map of cookies’ name and value. Hello-world The following JSP document ” hello. This directory is known as context root of web context ” hellojsp “. EL Syntax EL is a very simple language with only a few syntactic rules.

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A key-value map of the application’s initialization parameter declared in ” web. For the first request, ” author ” parameter is absent.

Tomcat – User – JSP: “No suitable driver found”

Programmers, who wrote the servlet, may not be a good graphic designer, while a graphic designer does not understand Java programming.

If you need jatl place codes into the init and destroy methods of the servlet, e. That is, scriptlets are safe and secure! Issue this URL assume that Tomcat is running in port number Can be used to access the elements of this page.

Tomcat, JNDI, JSTL, and No suitable driver

Tomcat provides built-in support for datasource with connection pooling, which are made available to applications through the Java Naming and Directory Interface Jsrl. Deploying web application directory hellojsp Keep the java program source files optional.


This allows the programmers to focus on the business logic, while the web designer to concentrate on the presentation. They provide access jjstl all the variables in the respective scope.

To run this JSP script, launch the Tomcat server. In the translated servlet, the above will be inserted jatl the service method as follows:. The JSTL internationalization i18n library provides actions to produce customized web pages based on the client’s locale and time zone.

More precisly the error is: Create a simple tag handler class called ” HelloTag. BUt how is the problem solved by pushing out var.

For a private variable sutablethere is a public getter getXxx or isXxx for boolean and a public setter setXxx. This directive generates proper import statements at the top of the servlet class. Look here for details: If you should not be the intended receiver, then we ask politely to report.

The “No suitable driver” means that it can’t find a driver for the URL string you provided. UserBean to the value of the request parameter ” username ” i. The returned result set implements javax. Simple tag handlers extending SimpleTagSupport are easy to write and have more than enough power to get most of the things done.


An array of array, each item corresponding to a single row in the result set. The ” page ” directives are also used to set the MIME type, character set of the response message. Unable to get connection, DataSource mo Behind the Scene The translated servlet shows these seven variables are allocated and initialized as follows with re-arrangements: For example, the following JSP script creates a shared database Connection and Statement for accessing a database in the initfor all the requests.

EL is a data-access scripting language.

The central method is setGuess. Maximum number of dB connections in pool. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.