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By default, c3p0-spawned Threads helper threads , java. Transparent pooling of Connection and PreparedStatements behind DataSources which can “wrap” around traditional drivers or arbitrary unpooled DataSources. With such a configuration, you will only need to deploy the JDBC jar file with your database accessing program. Setting preferredTestQuery will lead to errors as Connection tests fail if the query target table does not exist in your database prior to initialization of your DataSource. Some general advice about all of these timeout parameters: If you are letting a single, shared Connection serve many clients to avoid Connection acquisition overhead, you may suffer performance issues and problems managing transactions when your Connection is under concurrent load; Connection pooling will enable you to switch to a one Connection-per-client model with little or no cost.

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Hibernate’s C3P0ConnectionProvider renames 7 c3p0 configuration properties, which, if set in your hibernate jdbc, will override any configuration you may have set in a c3p0.

SQL Anywhere jdbc3 v jdbc4

Setting this to library can resolve these issues. NameTransformer to the value com. Zero the default means tasks are never interrupted, which is the best and safest policy under most circumstances. If you can, stick with c3p0’s default behavior. If users have set jdhc3 to false on a Connection, and c3p0 cannot guarantee that there is no pending transactional work, c3p0 must either rollback or commit on check-in when a user calls close.

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The exact numbers are not so critical. Opinions expressed here are those of the poster and do not necessarily reflect the views of the company. Now, for enhanced performance, it uses code-generated, nonrefective implementations. If you are using jebc4 configurationsyou can specify the configuration that defines the default configuration for your DataSource:.


Hi I am experimenting with my first transformation and if I covnect with this jdbc driver com. A new concept has been added vvs this API is of savepoints: By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is jbdc3 to these policies.

In my environment, the wrapper overhead amounts from several hundreths to several thousandths of the cost of Connection acquisition, so unless you are making many, many JDBC calls in fast succession, there will be a net gain in performance and resource-utilization efficiency.

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Timer threadsand does so lazily in response to the first client jdbx4 experienced by a PooledDataSource. Jcbc4 jdbc it may happen that a Connection is lying idle or not closed in a pool, then it became stale over time.

If you don’t like the long and ugly VMID, you can set your own, or you can turn off this solution to a hypothetical non-problem entirely with the following property:. This is a pretty robust setting, all Connections will tested on check-in and every 30 seconds thereafter while in the pool. They shouldn’t store any state.

Whenever an unreturned Connection times out, that stack trace will be printed, revealing where a Connection was checked out that was not checked in promptly.


The best thing to do is usually to try Step 3, see if it helps however you measure performancesee if it hurts is your application troubled by broken Connections? Excluding identity tokens from JMX names is particularly hazardous if you will initialize multiple DataSource from the same named configuration.

See the following SAP forum article and you’ll see that issue: Note that pool configuration parmeters such as maxPoolSize are enforced on a per-authentification basis!

Under some circumstances, statement pooling can dramatically improve application performance.

The overhead of Statement pooling is too high. The earlier version of software used com.

Java Solution: Jdbc vs Jdbc

For example, if jdb4 c3p0 DataSources share the same named configurationand you have not set the dataSourceName programmatically, the two data sources will both share the name of the configuration.

ClassLoaderand java. It allows stored procedure parameters to be called by name. May throw a SQLException. If, whether by choice or by necessity, you are using c3p0’s System. You can set this to a bit more than the number of Bs your application frequently uses, to avoid churning.

Setting this to true forces Connections to be checked-in synchronously, which under some circumstances may improve performance. DataSources are usually configured before they are used, either during or immediately following their construction.