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Turns out that inside the device, the power connector broke off the circuit board. Last month the company sent out a release for an entirely new subset of portable, the iFP series. It was a pleasure at the gym with my iRiver because of this. For instance, during normal playback it takes you to the folder directory. I don’t have the player so I can’t really suggest anything.

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The buttons are smartly riiver and right under your fingertips when you hold the player. In fact, the only real competition it has comes from the other members of the iRiver army.

You may also like. Most of the controls are still on the top and front sides; the hold switch sits next to the rubber-covered USB port on the iriveer edge. Nate Regular Member Recent member Posts: Resumes play from there or starts at root directory.

The volume slider still goes up to 40, but 30 is more than enough for all but the noisiest environments. Almost didn’t know it was in my pocket.


iriver IFPT MB Flash MP3 Player | Product overview | What Hi-Fi?

All recordings came out very well, despite some of the content I chose. Skip to main content. Contact iRiver and tell them to contact us. Feel free to have them contact me. I recorded from my iPod, from a CD player, my own mellifluous voice, and conservative radio.

Even at 50 bucks more it would be a good value.

What Hi-Fi?

As things are, you get outstanding sound quality, an obscenely complete menu system, and more features than you’ll ever need. It was a pleasure at the gym with my iRiver because of this. Off, 1, 2, 3, or 4 Resume: It takes under one second to access your music. Barring the aforementioned entry-level model, they all share the same features and functions. Nice touch, but you should still throw them out and buy something decent if you haven’t already.

The joystick is stiff and responsive and irivver well designed. I have the iFPT and have upgraded it to the 1.

Overview Customers Company Other Products: AGC On or Off, sampling frequency However, the series looses the plainness of the series.


I bought ifp390y in April and it broke just today 5 Dec Mono or Stereo, sampling frequency After beating up on the T all day I can say with confidence that iRiver has hit its mark yet again. Jim, If Windows doesn’t see it, neither will we.

The shape of the Icp390t, and all the iFP portables for that matter, makes it pleasant to use while working at a desk or table. Last month the company sent out a release for an entirely new subset of portable, the iFP series. One of the jacks is a standard headphone out; the other is a line-in for recording from an external source. Basically, you sit it on one side and the LCD and controls face you. The software iRiver provides is so easy to use.

You can also push the joystick directly inward, the result of which is context specific.