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Weight Vital Signs tab Used for information purposes, and may play a diagnostic role in Spirometry. However, it occasionally requires as long as 10 seconds to establish a connection. You can then enter patient height, weight, blood pressure, etc. Return to Windows — Exits the program and returns you to the Windows desktop. Edit — Use this feature to edit an existing statement.

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Enter the appropriate information and click the Print button.

Midmark IQmark Digital ECG PDA Troubleshooting guide |

Select Settings and click on Control Panel. Note that some of the buttons may not be available.

All three of these fields can be customized to fit your practice using List Management. Please research this and use the one you are most comfortable with. Assure all other programs are closed and files saved before you restart your computer. Archive one or more selected reports. Highlight the statement with the cursor, and then uqmark the Edit button. If the patient has a pacemaker then check the Pacemaker check box and you can enter iqmaek description of the pacemaker type in the text box.

The following dialog box appears when you click the Database Settings button in the IQmark Configuration dialog box. Send currently viewed report by Email. Patient electrically isolated from main current supply Patient leakage current not to exceed 10uA Ground leakage current not to exceed 50uA. However, if you deleted all the reports for a specific patient in the Report List screen, the patient iqmakr information will be retained even though no report is available.


Return to Windows — Exits the program and returns you to the Windows ect. Select Previous Month to display the reports done the previous month. Edit data for an existing patient. Double-Click refers to performing this task twice, and is generally used to start programs. If this is true, you will have no problem using the product. The Show Reports area enables the operator to select one or more of the following reports for display: The acquisition and operating costs of the IQmark Digital ECG are dramatically lower than those of oldstyle, stand-alone ECG machines even including the cost of the computerand yet this powerful system packs the most sophisticated diagnostic tools available.


Click OK to continue. Ceg Record Locking feature prevents more iqmatk one operator from accessing the same patient record simultaneously, specifically in a LAN environment where different computers are sharing a central database.

If Copy Reports is selected, the selected reports will be copied and archived to the destination location while the original reports remain intact in the computer. The bottom of the Patient Data screen contains the File button. Scale Control Panel Dialog Have the patient stand on the scale.


The Control Panel will close and the measurements will be inserted into the patient’s record. To create a complete medical diagnostic solution iqnark your office, call Midmark Diagnostics Group for information about the other IQmark products available for use with your IQmark Diagnostic Workstation.

Iq,ark delete a previously entered number, highlight the number and type in 0 zero. Displays the Patient Data Screen. Make sure the module is fully functional and click the Auto Detect button on the left.

Patient Data Screen The Patient Data screen enables you to enter the data that is specific and pertinent to your patient. The field will not display a zero after the edit box is closed. Click the Review Vital Signs button.

Midmark Digital ECG

It also provides patient ID numbers, indicates the report type, gives the date of each test, and provides other useful information. Software components for the IQmark Diagnostic Workstation will be installed regardless of the IQmark products purchased. Double-click on the Mail or Mail and Fax icon.