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The Intuos would work fine, but you might want to configure one of the ExpressKeys to switch between the two screens. Thank you for taking the effort to put this together. Based on your description, maybe the Cintiq line would suit you well, if you have the budget for it. I can definitely feel the difference when using my Inutos5 Medium with a single 30″ x px display or adding a secondary x px laptop screen. Archived from the original on November 29, Do you think this is a good idea? But it is also bigger and less portable.

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In that case, the Create is a much more versatile model. I don’t know the actual screen resolution of your laptop, but generally speaking the medium Intuos model CTH is a terrific value and can handle large displays with great accuracy. I’m sure other users have the same question. You can open your image in Photoshop or any similar application, desaturate it, choose a suitable color and brush size, shape and opacity and start painting with the cursor, controlling it with you hand movement.

But i really dont know whats the best for me. First, is it bad idea to buy a used one? Their recently revamped tablet line, the MobileStudio Pro, is a very well reviewed device that bridges the gaps between mobile devices and traditional pen input.


Microsoft made great improvements on the pen latency, initial activation force and overall precision on this latest iteration.

How to choose the best Wacom pen tablet for your needs

After you mentioned this I found overlay sheets on ebay for the Intuos4 which simulate different textures. Does Wacom make a heavier pen that I could purchase?

And then the devil of doubt stepped in. I just watched the video again and the fact that I dreamed about a product like this my whole life makes it such a hard decision!

You give actual information which is what users are interested in when comparing models.

How to choose the best Wacom pen tablet for your needs

I’m still waiting for the tablet that I ordered on Amazon through Electrobrands and Fedex just lost the package Looking forward for your reply, have a nice day! You can buy it with confidence and I’m sure you’ll love it. Cintlq an Intuos2 work on my macbook? I don’t’ know, though, if this is practical, since you’d still need the mouse to work on the rest of the screen area. Nice and useful article, however I’m using Photoshop, a inntuos inches dell screen and a small size bamboo tablet.

Wacom – Wikipedia

Hi, I am a mechanical engineer and I use to prepare a lot of technical sketches for my clients and subcontractor. Some pens feature buttons intuis the shaft or an “eraser” at the other end. I prefer the medium sized tablets. And thanks for the suggestions I’ve seen architects working with Wacom tablets and they used the tablet more as an input device directly in Autocad than a sketching tool.


When this area is mapped to a large display, each point on the tablet surface corresponds to a big area on the display. My nibs last for ages. Some examples of those apps here and intousfor Windows, and here for Mac. It’s more natural and productive. Or would it be the medium? The Capture also has touch input. SAI, however, does not work with Macd.

Hi, im a little bit confused. OS X open source drivers for many such adapters are available from Source Forge.

Fabio, your comment about zooming hit the mark–that’s exactly what I’ve been doing all along.

This is also the only model in the lineup that has an eraser in the pen.