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A new set of kernels will be used for scaling factors below 0. Resolutions such as x and x are not available in graphics properties. For example, during the beginning of the uncompressed 5. Removed the Invalidate Call. Earlier reference frequencies were 48khx, 96kHz and khz.

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There was a small specification restriction that was missed. ADI capability flag is incorrect. Power state for LCD was not getting updated properly in Softbios, due to which display was intek out.

Intel G35 motherboards – Page 17 – AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

Data for setscissorsrect will be validated. The watermark calculation code was updated to handle error conditions. Any help will be appreciated before I hit the 14 days return period from Best buy for this Monitor.

There was a surface alignment bug specific to overlay surfaces. Add new scaling kernels in CTG to support scaling ratios below 0. I am testing the I have to kill Media Center service to bring things to normal. Customer can select the unsupported resolution for DVI device. Space between lines of Aspect Ratio Options is not same. Originally Posted by charlesj archibael can you please clarify this?


IntelĀ® Graphics Media Accelerator- Release Notes

We had to set it to Low during TV detection. G HG Display Type: Add a High Quality Scaling feature called 6×6 polyphase scaling for video post-processing in Cantiga. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. The issue has been fixed by looking for priority of devices while switching to Clone configuration. This solves the lost decimal points.

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The impact is that it breaks the radio button property. As a result of the UI changes to support power conservation features mapping to different user power plans, such as “Power Saver”, “Balanced”, “Custom”, and “High Graphics Performance”, the com interface is being redesigned and optimized to accomodate the new requirements and future extensions for CUI 3.

Now the fix reference frequencies are 48khx, 96kHz and khz. Originally Posted by AP2 is there a way to give more ram to the onboard graphics card? Therefore, added some error checking to 15.0.1414 the MBs with overlap smoothing bit enabled are intra MBs.

Basically it means before changing profile one and after changing another. Company of Heroes, after patching, calls setscissorsrect with negative value, this call should be rejected by the driver.


I thought PDVD 7. If it is not one of the supported languages, then CUI would show up in English. Have you tried using a monitor than can display p? Need to allocate TAG while allocating memory. Both players were configured to output 8-channel, with all the players’ audio processing such as DRC turned off.

Code for panel fitter disabling not getting executed due to pipe reprogram optimization bypass code. Hook up the computer back to your other monitor and hopefully you will trick your monitor into with the p signal.

This way sampler expected a texture of a non-matching format and it was trying to pull texels from it, which caused sampler cache to hang on a hit to invalid memory. Driver hangs up while decoding some conformance stream itnel ILDB. The misalignment could cause corruption to neighboring overlay surfaces resulting intrl screen flicker.