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Although the potential crimes under investigation remain uncer- tain, it is conceivable that the pros- ecutor will examine whether offi- cials concealed their knowledge of the search or violated privacy laws that bar unauthorized disclosure of government records, including in- formation gleaned from passport files. Veritas Backup Exec V 9. Kim, who began as a dissident opposed to South Korean military regimes but. Bowe and Newman said Lewis’ manager. That can help demonstrate American neutrality as an honest broker of the peace talks and might stiffen the resolve of those on both rides who are determined to pursue peace in the face of terrorist provocations.

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A further problem has developed with guaranteed funds. Ksh U2 Theresle nsl r. Kuomintang leaders respond that China would veto any attempt by Taiwan to enter the UN, and sever diplomatic relations with any coun- try that established them with Taipei tiring would also cany out its threat to use military force against the breakaway island, it says.

The stock feU toits lowest level since Ydtsin arrived Thursday for a three-day visit but was not sched- uled to meet Mr. Mil moo- ted BtldnwsU B. Fauci, the government’s top spokesman on AIDS, said it ggolf be at least a year before human studies could begin.

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Most of bis paintings depict the destruction of cities and lives brought on by modem warfare. Apple’s John Sculley, as it happens, was a star of the Link Rock economic meeting. And when they did pul an extra man on.


golv It is payback time for the Dol- phins, who were bodied oat of the playoffs in a ifc helped rum their season. Straw Dogs Dustin Hoffman,S.

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Pinnacle Studio Plus V9. The United States ashington and from Utile Rock, showing that the United States is determined to keep the peace talks on track, is urgently needed What is at risk is a disastrous loss of momentum. DVD Solution Deluxe v1. Byhis hateful policy he and his partners and pa- trons — including the Serbian president, Slobodan Milosevic — have brought cen- sure and hardship upon the Serbian people, who otherwise are longtime and deserving friends of the democratic West The United Nations cannot possibly permit Ids threats to keep it from its mission of mercy.

Kim campaigned on the theme of stabil- ity, teffing voters that tince the Democratic Liberals held a majority in parliament, no one else could get things done. Atlanta last season; Atlanta’s defense has allowed only one touchdown in its last 14 quarters. But it seemed most likely that the attorney general had felt com- pelled to seek the appointment of the prosecutor because the law that governs such appointments allows the attorney general little discre- tion in cases involving allegations against top political appointees.

Book of Tokyo Tokyo: I nonetheless would argue that its merits outweigh the risks.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Tbe stoppages, accompanied by demonstrations, are to be staged at times yet to be determined at Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports in Paris. State Department’s inspector gen- eral that depicted a group of politi- cal appointees at the White House and State Department who sought to spread derogatory information about Mr.


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General Hoar srnd that in addi- tion to tbe three cities the military bad already secured, commandos were looking to add five more to the list: II have been sold since Dec. Ydtsin of Russia said Fri- day.

Secret Agents Monica Bellucci,V. The diatribe could be the sun of a strategy by China to decrease the influence of British companies like Jardine and raise that of China- linked companies such as C1TIC Pacific, said Samuel Lau, siefe manager at Seapower Securities.

Meaning Of Life J. The dubs feel heavy in my hands.

A political setback for Mr. Bubis said intsch felt confident that Germany was taking the neo- Nazi threat seriously after judges imposed suffer sentences than the prosecution bad demanded in re- cent trials of rightist youths. As his fame spread, he indulged in Us later years, in a moral flamboyant manner.

That could lead to real trouble.