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If the system is turned on while on battery power, the battery-optimized performance mode remains even if switched to AC power mode. External Display Connector — External display port for connecting one of the supported displays that may be used in desktop environment instead of the LCD that is standard with the system. The touchpad is configured for scrolling only using in “xorg. With ACPI, the computer will fully power down as expected. There is yet not fix that I know of for this problem with APM. The battery pack is rechargeable and is charged using the AC adapter with the system.

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FC2 on Thinkpad T21 (standby, APM, ACPI etc.)

The appropriate user’s guide will be shipped with each system. One for a normal mode, and one for dual-monitor situation.

APM consumes less power during suspend I think. Language will be determined by the plant based on the country code of the order.

Hosting by Gossamer Threads Inc. Dual Display of LCD and an external display is also supported. Once installed, run alsaconf as root.


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DVD movie playback is not supported. IBM does not warrant these products.

PC Cards which do not support the power management function may cause the shorter battery operation hours. Operating Environment ThinkPad computers are designed, built, and tested for high quality and reliability. All weights and dimensions are approximate.

IBM does not warrant or support vendor software products, nor guarantee compatibility of those products with IBM systems. Accessible capacity may vary. ThinkPad systems should not be used in unsuitable environments. Debian Installer will make X. However, harsh environments adpi abuse can damage ThinkPads since they are not intended to withstand extreme temperatures, dust, shock, or other severe physical environments.

I had to fix the video as explained above. I am using Xorg which comes with FC3. Some software may t2 from its separately available version if availableand acip not include user manuals or all program function. If it is the same, try modprobe e like I said earlier. Tue Sep 27, Then aptitude install mplayer libdvdcss2 libdvdread3 libdvdnav4. Minimum Formatted Capacity 3: Infrared The system has one fast IR transceiver for wireless file and data transfer and printing. Beautiful Bright Display This model has a When asked, opt for the linux-image-i kernel.


Weight includes battery and optional travel bezel.

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The ThinkPad T21 has a sleek form of about There is yet not fix that I know of for this problem with APM. Everything will apply if you have this setup. Note that floppy drives are not IDE devices. There is a different Li-Ion Battery Pack that is an optional feature for the T21 that acip into the Ultrabay so that two batteries can be installed to increase battery operating time.

The Fn key allows the user to instantly activate the following operational features by pressing the Fn key and a designated function key: If the system is turned on while on AC power, using the AC avpi adapter, the maximum performance mode remains on even if switched to battery-powered mode.