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Each PDU comes with internal power cables to provide power to the enhanced frame control assembly A list of compatible software is available from your IBM representative or at: For details on supported software versions and release levels for the TS Model E05, as well as hardware support information, refer to the following website: With the introduction of the new TSSC feature , in order for IBM to gain remote access to the machine, feature , a new external homologated USB modem for approved countries, will be required or the customer will need to provide an external modem that is supported by the TSSC server for those regions not listed on the qualified country list. This feature notifies the plant that a Model HA1 is attached so the proper associated hardware and interface cables are provided for the Tape Library. No IBM hourly service rate classification:

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Family 3584+10 IBM System Storage TS3500 Tape Library Model L23

None PDL 4. Field Only Customer setup: The library can be mounted in an industry-standard inch rack or as an optional stand-alone desktop unit lutrium number 18P This feature must be ordered in conjunction with normal power cord options.

This feature is intended for those customers who may have the need to remove drives from existing frames and later install them in other frames. Tivoli Storage Manager supports encryption for the following drives: A key lock provides front door locking.

One feature is required for each Path failover You may use path failover to help enhance availability. Individual application vendors should be contacted for specific information and availability dates.

Field Installable Only Frame X-Track Cable This feature must be added to any Tape Library that does not contain a Model HA1 when one frame is being added to a library that has one to six frames, such that there will only be seven frames ibj the library configuration six Model D22, D23, D32, D52, or D53 Frames attached.


Encryption support

An example of heterogeneous sharing is a Windows application using the drive and storage slots of one logical library while a UNIX application uses the drive and slots of another logical library. Features – No charge.

Refer to the Supplies section for additional information. Second, write of multiple filemarks typically indicates a point where an append operation might occur after the first of these filemarks. In addition, reducing the number of cartridges needed for backup and restore operations can help lower operational costs throughout the enterprise.

By using this feature, up to three library frames can be powered by the two customer facility outlets that feed the FC PDUs. High granularity in library configurations Features and capacities are designed to address a wide variety of customer requirements.

Configuring tape drive encryption

The proven durability of the cartridge helps reduce worry. Plant or field Advanced Library Management System The Advanced Library Management System ALMS is a required feature that provides a license key to enable dynamic management of cartridges, storage slots, tape drives, and logical libraries. For each set of 4 drive positions drive rows or to be attached to TS BE switches that are installed in a model TR1 directly above or 1 frame away, order 1x of this feature.

When this feature is on the order, the plant will not include any Fibre Channel tape drive host attachment cables with the shipment of this frame.

The web camera mounting hardware can be installed on either a front or rear frame support in any frame. This feature replaces RPQ 8B These advancements in performance, capacity, function, and footprint help reduce automation floor space requirements, enhance library management, and provide flexibility, growth, and a foundation for automation across an enterprise or business installation. Each PDU comes with internal power cables to provide power to the enhanced frame control devicce The specified level of warranty service may not be available in all worldwide locations.


This is designed to allow tape copies to complete without overflow a much higher percentage of the time.

By utilizing selected Fibre Channel switches distances exceeding meters are possible. A library can contain a mixture of drives, some of which support encryption and some of which do not.

Maximum number of features: If any power mrss other than the default is required, it must be specified from one of the following devjce codes: Plant devide Field Power Distribution Units This feature provides two power distribution units PDU for distributing AC power to loads within the frame and to power adjacent frames when using the power cord to adjacent frame PDUs This is required when a Fibre Channel drive is installed.

The TS Model E05 is designed to dynamically perform digital speed matching to adjust the drive’s native data rate to the net host data rate after data compressibility has been factored out. Each Tape Library configuration containing a Model HA1 requires a different set of X-Track cables for the dual accessors in the library depending on the total number of frames in that Tape Library.