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If required, IBM provides repair or exchange service depending on the type of maintenance service specified for the machine. For additional information about supported environments, refer to the Physical specifications section. Most repairs should be made within 48 hours after the system is received at the repair location actual repair time may vary. For the latest information on options available for the ThinkPad R52 models and other ThinkPad notebooks, visit http: Refer to the Prices section for offering increments and charges. BIOS provides the hardware instructions and interfaces designed to support the standard features of the ThinkPad R52 computer and to maintain compatibility with many software programs currently operating under Windows ZV cards are not supported.

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ethhernet IWS is available during the warranty period to customers who travel or relocate to countries where their computer is sold and serviced by IBM or IBM resellers authorized to perform warranty service.

The non-IBM software programs listed in this section may be licensed to you under the non-IBM manufacturer’s, supplier’s, or publisher’s terms and conditions. Check with your telephone and Internet service providers for availability.

License agreements may apply. Etherent to 4 GB is in the service partition. A nine-cell battery back is available as an optional feature.

Repeated and frequent removal, for purposes other than to upgrade for greater capacity, can cause damage to the system. The descriptions of these programs were obtained from information made available by these companies to the general public.

Think Express models of the IBM ThinkPad R52 notebook include a three-year limited warranty

Simultaneous display same screen on etjernet CRT and LCD does not support screen expansion x to x or x to x except screen centering. IBM hourly service rate classification: The non-IBM manufacturers, suppliers, or publishers are responsible for providing any service or support associated with these programs.


Programs included with this product are licensed under the terms and conditions of the License Agreements that are shipped with the system. Approximate operation and charging hours are: With the Ultrabay Enhanced modular drive bay, you can add functions with a variety of optional devices.

ThinkPad battery charger 02K is valid for Li-Ion battery only. Public networks currently limit maximum download speeds to about 53 Kbps. They are not refundable or transferable and may not be prorated.

Think Express models of the IBM ThinkPad R52 notebook include a three-year limited warranty

This product does not contain licensed internal code or licensed machine code. If you receive an “Unsafe Removal of Device” message when you resume from suspend or hibernation on Windowsyou can safely close this box.

You can further decrease free disk space eyhernet installing software programs and saving data and by customizing the Windows operating system.

The customer is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communications facilities. You can decrease the amount of accessible disk space by this amount. Although you can upgrade the HDD, it is not designed to be removed and reinserted on a regular basis.

Additional charges may apply outside IBM’s normal service area. To obtain the maximum 2 GB to which memory can efhernet expanded, replace the standard memory card with a 1 GB card and add another 1 GB 5r2 in the extra slot.


Refer to the Prices section for information on the availability of ServicePac offerings.

IBM ThinkPad R52 Broadcom NetXtreme Ethernet Driver

All offers are subject to availability. IBM warrants that the ThinkPad notebook will conform to its Official Published Specifications when used in a suitable physical operating environment.

CD and DVD drives list maximum rates; rates are variable and are often less than the maximum. Rates and offerings are subject to change, extension, or withdrawal without notice. Some configurations, however, may not be compatible.

IBM ThinkPad R52 Notebook Windows , XP Drivers, Software | Notebook Drivers

If required, IBM provides repair or exchange service depending on the type of warranty service specified for the machine. Electrical specifications Universal ac adapter 72 Etheernet Input: For example, a ThinkPad system should not be used in non-stationary environments, such as in-vehicle installations, without additional casing or shock dissipation.

The VitalSource Library includes over great works of fiction, drama, poetry, philosophy, political theory, music, fine art, and numerous other disciplines. These ThinkPad models are preloaded with the VitalSource Library, which offers powerful tools for reading, searching, organizing, and annotating class materials. ThinkPad computers are designed, built, and tested for high quality and reliability.