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This item doesn’t belong on this page. Page Identifier Zero indicates that the device should check the supplied password against the user password stored internally. Specifically, unloading of the heads is invoked by the following commands. Device Attribute Data Structure Enhanced Adaptive Battery Life Extender 3. Decent Harddrive but noisy. Read Attribute Values S.

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Execute Off—line Immediate S. Host Terminating Write Dma 7.

Page – Figure Power cycling testing may be required to test the boot-up function of the system. References watt 3-state transistor-transistor tristate logic 1. The device’s interface becomes inactive at the completion of the sleep command. A bar code label placed on the disk drive based on user request. Security Unlock Command f2h If the retry bit is set to one then retries are disabled.

Ratings and Reviews Write ubm review. Host Terminating Read Dma 7. Irrespective of the logical CHS translation mode currently in effect, the LBA address of a given logical sector does not change.


Security Set Password f1h All the above parameters contribute to file performance. Deviations From Standard 9. Page This indicates the head number of the first sector to be transferred. Data transfers are performed using the Slave DMA channel!

If the retry bit is set to one, then retries are disabled. Page – Format Unit F7h: After this period, the contents of interface registers may be lost.

IBM TravelStar 20GN 10GB,Internal, RPM, cm (“) (DJSA) Desktop HDD | eBay

Page The following symbols are used in the command descriptions: Interface Specification Part dmsa. Description Byte Offset S. Do not apply force to the top cover See Figure 1 on page 4.

Most relevant reviews See all 7 reviews. I hate that these hard drives are so expensive for how outdated they are, I got this one really because it was one of the cheapest on eBay. The PSD levels for the test simulating the shipping and relocation envi- ronment dmsa shown below. The sector ubm is from one to the maximum number of sectors per track.


Functional Specification Part 1. The drive should be operated within specifications of shock, vibration, temperature, humidity, altitude, and magnetic field. Identify Device Dma eeh This indicates the retry bit.

IBM TravelStar 20GN 10GB,Internal,4200 RPM,6.35 cm (2.5″) (DJSA-210) Desktop HDD

Attribute Threshold for djsx with Attribute binary Values from 00h to FFh 00h — “always passing” threshold value to be used for code test purposes 01h — minimum value for normal operation FDh — maximum value for normal ibbm FEh — invalid for threshold value FFh — Performance is okay for a drive but it’s a tab bit noisy to me.

A one indicates that the device regards Password as the Master Password. At the end of the command, this register is updated to reflect the current LBA Bits 0—7. Device Pausing Write Dma 7.