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Extra vertical till inserts may be ordered. Real inventory that we refurbish and stand behind, since Receipt printer was previously used and may show normal signs of use. Cables used to attach models 2, 3, 3R, 4, and 4R printers to , or POS system may be used to attach the to these terminals. A specify code is not required.

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The models include receipt printing and document insert stations. Standard Content Revision Date: Coin and bill dividers are provided with the till, and can be adjusted up to 5 each. Papers tested and verified to meet these criteria are listed on the following Web site:. Sruemark current model specifications duremark the IBM Site here. This data could be Journal data and would be placed in E-journal data storage as a temporary storage place in the event of a terminal offline condition.

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Today, RS and RS are available. The maximum thickness of the front sheet 410 the multi-part form is 0. If, for example, bit 8 in byte e of the status message is set, the printer reports that its buffer has less than 1k characters left to make the controlling system aware that it should slow down or discard the buffer.

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The single pass check handling feature reads the MICR, franks the check, and prints the face of the check, all with a single insertion into the printer. Imagine the possibility of printing receipts which communicate marketing information to customers, in less time than it takes to print a plain receipt today. Flash memory can also be used as a storage place for customer data.


Things that Void your Depot Warranty Your order is availabl Two cash drawers can be supported with a “y-cable”. The impact document insert station provides printing of multi-part forms plus check printing and franking. Views Read Edit View history. Language will be determined by the plant based on the country code of the order.

The till gives the customer flexibility to configure the till to accommodate sremark sizes of currencies. IBM provices extensive documentation [6] Users guide for a large range of printers including programming information Retrieved: None required with the machine order. Compare various items that also work with Epson products.

IBM 4610 SUREMARK Thermal 3 1/8 Inch x 230′ Paper 10 Rolls

Piece is included and can be glued back on. This noise reduction also enables better communication between the cashier and the customer. Specify feature codes, when ordered for field installation via MES, are billable to the customer unless ordered with a chargeable feature.

The first byte of the actual status response is usremark is 1 and the highest is 13 The status bytes are being pushed into a python list [] object which sutemark its indexing at 0 so 1 must be subtracted from they byte number reference in the user guide and in the comments.


The speed enables retailers to print their unique logos, coupons and sales information on the receipt while still improving transaction time at auremark register. Extra horizontal till inserts may be ordered. Most models support color thermal paper printing, onboard storage of logos and barcodes, and TrueType. If that is the case the printer appends a command-specific amount of extra information to the end of the status message.

Provides a plastic panel which allows the SureMark printers which are narrower than previous models to be positioned on wide-footprint cash drawers. Because all these interfaces are provided on each printer, customers can choose the terminal platform that is best for them today with the knowledge that their printer investment is protected if they choose another platform in the future.

No scheduled maintenance is required. Provides a cable for use with the SureMark printers when they are positioned on top of a system unit in an integrated configuration for RS attachment to an IBM POS terminal model,or