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We can use a trusty text editor like vi to open the file. To configure database connectivity, you must install database client libraries and include the path to these installed libraries in the library path environment variable. Taking a step back, since all of this is actually wrapped into a Java Server container, one additional place for logs is the Windows service start log:. These low level functions are wrapped into this Java framework to make it look seamless. Click “Field Properties” to have a check. Hi Nick, I created another duplicate app using “Duplicate Application” option in Consolidation Administration and im able to open without errors.

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This info is entered during hypeiron tool, and automatically dobc to the tnsnames. So good to see you after a long long time, man. Then click “OK” to continue. Interactive Reporting Madison Created: The datasource process is launched after creating the application, or on the fly as the application is accessed.

Posted by Martin Xie at 6: Nicholas King February 26, at By Nicholas King at Now it looks like things are spread out over many logs.


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From this log it is evident that each HFM application creates a new datasource. Click “OK” to confirm, and then you can find the new added data source. Vijay Kurian November 30, at Getting database settings from HIT registry Unfortunately, getting lost and unable to solve problems can lead to downtime and project delays.

There are two types of machine data sources — user and system. If you scroll down a bit further, you will see the details of the Oracle Wire Protocol data source. A datasource is a separate process that handles all the processing for a particular application.

Configuring Data Sources

Essentially each HFM application spawns its own process in HFM and this application crashed while trying to initialize. You can find the SQL data sources you created before. And then click “Test Connect” for testing. The Java Server is the more interesting of the two obdc debugging because most significant errors can be traced to the backend. The apps are throwing this error intermittently and the hyperin message is related to ODBC connectivity.

The system was unable to find the Datasource process for application. Neither the web nor the desktop software will be available or supported after this date.


File data sources also called DSN files store connection information in a text file, not the Windows registry, and are generally more flexible to use than machine data sources. Create your kdbc Oracle Hyperion Virtual Environment: The exact error message appears, outside of HFM.

Actually, the field names of the SQL table will be generated to the field name of the rules file automatically. Swetha November 28, at For instance, a log file is created with the application name, such as xfm. You can find the source data can be retrieved in hyperuon rules file.

However, Before you can use the ODBC connector in a job, you need to configure database drivers, driver managers, and data source names. Vijay Kurian February 13, at 3: Hi Nicholas, Were you able to fix this? If your data source is Oracle, select DataDirect 7.

I wanted to share some basic tips to help get started in