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Let’s try to take care of the wifi first, before thinking about the GPS. Hidester – A VPN that keeps you safe online. I really need wifi on Ubuntu July 17, at TELUS reserves the right to modify eligible rate plans with this offer at any time without advance notice. FIrst, thanks for the super work, the shift is so much quicker with Ubuntu. Apparently the libertas driver is an open source version of the Marvell driver, but I haven’t been able to get the libertas module libertas-sdio to load and subsequently use the sd

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Linux on HTC Shift

Run through the install until finished. June 23, at The first shipment is going to be very limited due to the high demand. widi

I took out the SD card for the installation and it went fine, everything is working. February 27, at At this point your Shift is marvdll Windows 8, all that remains is to actually get the hardware drivers working so we can get some graphical goodness, touchscreen, 3G and the like working. June 22, at This will not affect the recovery partition. I remember that there was an issue with the SD card when upgrading my Shift to Windows 7.


Win7 driver Wifi (Marvell sd) | HTC Shift

I turned them on, and rebooted, but Win7 just bluescreens on me. If your not actually getting into the Windows 8 setup it comes up a few minutes after the blue squares and you have already rebuilt the USB stick the chances are you just have a USB stick that the Shift does not like.

The recovery command prompt is built into the Windows 8 setup process so if your hyc trouble getting the USB stick to boot into setup your not getting far enough into the process to run the recovery console.

After installing Ubuntu on the Shift I have installed the latest updates for Ubuntu.

Now you have the device rebooted and the Shift Ht Center installed but not fully working due to the lack of. Posted October 5, Filed under: Shict there is a tweak way of activating it that you rather keep it to your self, but wont hesitate to share it wioth your loyal customer as well, please do December 2, at Would be good to get it working…. The script is awesome and saves a lot of time and aggrivation! Select yes to rebooting at the end do this or things get very messy.


A few people have mentioned similar issues that went away after rebuilding the stick or just using a different one.

Installing Windows 8 Preview on the HTC Shift

Utils Installer Bluetooth Stack for Windows. Please help if u can Do you have the Windows XP driver files.

It almost has zero options at all! I rebooted again, since it seemed it installed some new hardware. Many thanks in advance Install Instructions: This step is solely optional but as a lot of the Metro apps in the Developer Preview are tied up with Live ID integration sshift may not a bad idea to do this.

Posted October 1, Filed under: June 27, at On my fujitsu it knocks me out because my processor is not 1 GHZ or greater. suift

[Guide] How to install Windows 8 on the HTC Shift | DJs Mobiles

July 6, at Hello, I have one problem still. Make sure you download the 32bit version.

You would think so, huh!!!