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On occasion, there have been reports of a volume showing up in the Disk Settings as ‘unmounted’. The more powerful the system the more it costs. Telnet on the HP Media Vault is disabled by default, but you can enable it temporarily by accessing an unlinked web page on the media vault. You can just plug the Media Vault into a router and within about 90 seconds, turn it on, and it will boot Green OK and Green Network lights will be illuminated. You can find a new file here:

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HP Media Vault MV – network drive – GB Overview – CNET

Before you add more storage, you should consider how you wish to configure the storage, that is, as an extension to an existing volume, as a new volume, as a mirror to an existing volume, or as a combination of these. The Media Vault doesn’t have a full set of Linux commands like a standard distribution so if you type in a command that works on other distributions but doesn’t on the Media Vault, don’t be too surprised. If you only had a mirrored drive from a Media Vault and the Media Vault itself was destroyed, you’d only be able to retrieve it on another Media Vault.

The server inside the Media Vault automatically indexes and serves media files to these devices using the DLNA protocol. Naval Observatory and one is run by Fukouka University in Japan.

Good luck on your build!

This is easily done by right-clicking on the folder name and following the steps to make the folder sharable on the network.

In addition to hacks to add functionality, Martin Michlmayr has put together a web site on how to install a Debian distribution on the MV2 series. There are no network drivers that will allow the scanner to communicate with a PC over the network and so you’ll lose the scanning functionality and is not supported by HP. It is keyed and will only plug in one way. There is also a serial header on the board where you can hook up a terminal with appropriate level shifter to monitor the startup messages and get to the root console prompt.


It will also monitor the HP website for any updates to the software or firmware related to the HP Media Vault and alert you when you need to update the software.

HP Media Vault

It runs a Linux 2. Another option, if your Media Vault is set up in user mode, is to add a user with username ‘guest’ and password ‘guest’ without privileges to access any files. It should take about 3 minutes to finish. This section applies to the MV1 products. The procedure for creating an alternate destination is intended to use other computers as the backup destination i. It would have no effect on the operation of the Media Vault.

HP Media Vault – Wikipedia

As you add more volumes, you’ll see more partitions between part1 and part63 because each volume represents a partition. Thanks for great article. The ‘format’ button is a quick way to set up a simple volume on blank disk. In the event that a mirrored drive fails, the procedure for getting your data from the mirror is covered in the Hard Drive Replacement section of the FAQ. These do not work with the HP Media Vault.

I really liked the small footprint and wanted to do something worthwhile with it. If your router doesn’t have this feature, it’s still possible to go into the Network configuration page on the HP Media Vault and configure it with a static IP address outside the range where the router assigns DHCP addresses and that way its address will not change unexpectedly.

The easiest way is to set up a single password for each upper level Shared Folder in Workgroup mode.


Several MV1 owners have reported that the fan on the internal mobile rack started making noise intermittently. This section applies primarily to the MV1 products. It was originally designed for the Pentium D 95watt processor core which h; much more heat than the E5X00 series processors.

HP Media Vault Generation 1: New Life for an Old Friend

If you get mefia message that in the Control Console that ‘No Media Vaults can be found on your network’, then it is the result of the discovery protocol that runs on port getting blocked. It almost goes without saying that if you’re in this situation and don’t know what you’re doing, please make sure to get some help from a person who knows how to operate Linux from a command line.

You should always have another copy, preferably off-site, of any critical data. It can be configured to store multiple revisions of files that can be viewed directly with the Windows Explorer in the event of meda deletion or inadvertent damage to a file on the PC.

You can check for that yp making sure you follow the procedure for adding drives in this section. Connect to the SATA connector closest to the rear of the board. A properly designed firewall should alert you the first time when an application is trying to use your network, and then allow you to enable it permanently but some will just quietly block applications without notifying the user.