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Maybe a similar case here and some were made heavy Of course, this could also cause you to hit the ball lower than ideal. Posted 08 June – Then with the weights out, G 5W, Rogue Heavenwood Hybrids:

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I have also tried the RBZ driver and fairway woods and did not particulary like them. The black you cant see really at all when swinging. If I had of hw the two side by side with out hours of playing with the club I would of said it was not any better than my burner.

I do not mean that it has the most distance, I mean, it is the longest. I had hw complaints about the distance. There were no hits at all that felt like true mishits at all. By using a 6 iron in this case I can avoid the danger. Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play.

TaylorMade R11S driver is a step beyond the rest

Yeah, the head is a touch larger than I like in a fairway wood but I am getting used to it pretty quickly. I see guys every week take enough club to hit it all the way to the edge of the creek, but leave it right and go into the lake. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. You may not need a driver this adjustable so that you can tune it for different conditions.


And everyone wants to hit the ball longer off the tee, if only for bragging rights. I know for a fact that last week I played in a similar wind and on the 10 hole, straight into the wind, I was 15 yards behind where I was last week, but I also had some roll taylormave week.

Hitting R11 without weights in the head

So I am standing over the shot and she said “I am not going to hit because of the water. Yeah, I realize that I am being redundant f11 using the same word but the bottom line is it sounded and felt like I made a solid hit every time and that is important. Also head over to the Check In Desk and say hello to everyone for a proper welcome from the forum.

And what may look like subtle tweaks are actually quite meaningful enhancements.

TaylorMade R11 Fairway Review – Unofficial Forum Member Product Reviews – MyGolfSpy Forum

When it’s in the toe it makes a big difference but I guess in the heel it doesn’t make as much difference, which makes sense since it’s close to the shaft. Originally Posted by Duck Hook. Posted April 7, What was your first shaft, and what are you swinging now? It still looks a bit closed to me even on the open setting, but not like some clubs. I will also taylormace that I have not been a huge TaylorMade fan and I have not particularly like any fairway metal since the Titleist F. March 2, Last active: If I hit it left, I am far enough from the trees to not be dead.


If people start taking their hats off to shake hands, mine comes off, too. I use an iron if I am going to lay up or a hybrid, but I never had a fairway wood that worked equally well off the tee and off the hwo. If so, the Burner goes with a slight fade to your target and the R11 goes with a hook?

This is a great tip! You can not see the landing area.

Should I go back to a higher tee? Originally Posted by motteler i really like the white now. TayorMade’s R11 Fairway Wood uses two adjustability technologies to give you the power to tailor this club toyour swing to a precise degree so that you can promote more distance andgreater accuracy.

There are a few trees on the right half of the fairway on the opposite side of the pond that will knock a ball back into the water. Didn’t notice a change in flight or trajectory but did get the swing weight down to D4 which was reasonable.