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This program will immediately display the webcam’s video stream. Tried dusoft’s compat workaround, still not connecting to webcam. I got this behaviour since intrepid. I to get the error: Say Y here if you want support for cameras based on the STK chip. ClickSmart I installed the libv4l packages as per bug , but I don’t think that’s relevant because the error is at the point of mounting the camera. Endpoints formerly known as AOX se chip.

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Say Y here if you want support for cameras based on the Konica chip. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. So, no change for me in jaunty and karmic.

Development History gspca has an interesting development history, having evolved quite a bit along its way. Do a search for ‘stk11’ being certain to click on “Show Sub-Packages” in the results. Can’t get it to work in any program, not even with the unloading-reloading modules trick.

HCL:Web cameras – openSUSE Wiki

The new “gspca” driver name, while arguably still illuminating of its development heritage “spca”was now meant to stand for “Generic Software Package for Camera Camers, which more truly reflected the purpose into which it had evolved.


Views Read View source View history. I guess, the duplicate status of this bug is wrong.

Is there any manual way? Any ideas or tests that I can do???

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You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. The modules must be reloaded after boottime to work correctly: Usbb had to compile an older kernel, but it is working.

Thanks again, we really appreicate your help and feedback. We can see this from. Heather Van Wilde heatheriac gspfa on Cerbaiola gianni-omniway wrote on Reffering to the drivers, I had no problems in hardy and earlier versions of Ubuntu using the “gspca” module.

Mustek gSmart is caera a webcam that was made to look as a digital camera, has a very small inbuilt memory enough for taking pictures of x Laptops – Desktops – Servers – Virtual Machines. A workaround with these troublesome applications is to preload a libv4l-compat library:. USB disconnect, address 9 abramo kernel: HighSpeed Hub Bus Device This article or section refers to the version ‘unknown’ and it is now obsolete!


The device appears to camega properly detected and the gspca driver loaded. Andrey Beljakov andvalb wrote on I didn’t hspca my comment under bug because the discussion over there is mostly related to digital cameras and not webcams and secondly because there was a heated discussion and someone stating that this is completly normal and this is how things should be, resulting in bug status marked as invalid. Tom Byrne inverted-sheep wrote on The Ubuntu Kernel Team is planning to move to the 2.

Say Y here if you want support for cameras based gzpca. Maybe this all has something to do with the strange message “gspca: The camera is found by lsusb:. Plugin your webcam and start Kopetea video chat client. No DGA direct video mode for this display.