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The head also sat on the ground perfectly! Instruction 1 month ago. To each their own. Driver- TM M2 These are now my favorite irons to date.

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I played the i15s for awhile and regret giving up on them. Learn how your comment data is processed.

The ping i15 is designed for players who are seeking more playability off the tee, while the ping g15 is meant for players who want a forgiving driver that is designed to hit the ball straight. I’m looking for an pjng set of Pings in the i range. Every 2 years Ping refreshes their products like clock work.

PING i15 Driver Review – COMPARE!

So if you are looking for playability in a cc head, and you are looking for a lower, more penetrating ball flight golfwx is a good option for you in our opinion. Hammer Feb 14, at 4: News 1 month ago.

News 3 weeks ago. Equipment Forum Thread of the Day: There is nothing about them that calls to mind a blade, and marketing speak aside, I doubt the performance truly resembles that of a blade, either. Hell Yes, it did. I would need golfwfx play more than 2 rounds to be sure however.


Anyone currently gaming a vs proto in their driver.

Ping i-15 driver golfwrx spy

I thought these were the best irons ping ever made. Equipment 2 weeks ago. For the money I goflwrx a higher quality. As you would expect, the i10s feel a bit dead on impact relative to these irons, so on this basis they are going to lose a point, but if you are a 5 15 handicap player looking for a forgiving players iron then the i10s combined with ping s excellent custom fitting service are definitely worth a look.

John Jan 16, at Crickets from the i15 users or no one uses them anymore. A progressive set, the longer irons are larger for more forgiveness, while the mid and shortirons transition to smaller clubheads. Dec 18, 40 Comments.

Several functions may not work. A major part of club fitting is getting the correct swing weight, and Ping uses what it calls Custom Tuning Ports CTP to help golfers dial in those specifications.

Ping i15 Iron Sneak Peek – GolfWRX

Picked up an 80s on ebay and tomson is jamming it into my ping i15 as we speakis it ready yet tomo. The ping i15 driver is a players driver that offers shotshaping control to golfers who can make consistent contact and place a greater importance on workability over forgiveness. Plus, the stronger-lofted irons are good for high-spin players looking to flatten out their trajectory. Mikec Jan 16, at 2: A great successor to the S Videos 1 week ago. Although these irons are not pure bladesthe ability to move the ball left or right was very easy.


In order to prevent the short iron yardage gaps from being too wide, the short irons in the set are made with thicker faces, effectively reducing ball speed. I’m play to a 12 and would like to get back into the single digits. See more photos of the Ping i irons in our forums, and join the discussion. These replace the previous i series.