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A linear barcode is a combination of black and white bars of varying widths that can represent alpha and or numeric characters. Resin ribbons are the highest cost thermal transfer ribbon. What is a good reference book for learning more about barcodes? Code UPC is a well known symbology used almost exclusively in the retail industry. What is a barcode symbology? EAN codes are becoming more standard around the world to be used in a variety of retail applications. These are used in small business applications and in home offices.

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The first bar code patent was issued in to Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver, using what looked like a bulls-eye symbol that was made of concentric circles.

Anyone can use this simple direct thermal barcode printer to make a variety of wristbands for their needs. There are industry professionals available to address every potential application that can assist you. The thermal printhead is located on top of and parallel to a silicone based roller that feeds the thermal media forward during the printing process. For more affordable printing in a retail environment or for gidex shipping labels, a direct thermal printer would suffice.

Commercial bar codes were not used until the mid to late s, and the initial application was for industrial use. The barcode label could contain information regarding the shipper and the receiver as well as the contents of the product on the pallet, govex quantity, and what printwr it arrived in the warehouse.

Godex G500 label printer with 203 dpi

There are many different kinds of barcode printers that will enable you to print barcodes. Barcode printers have to be very precise because the spacing and density when printing the black and white symbologies is critical.


This company was founded inand has had many different mergers and acquisitions over the years. Scan barcode for product name input as need.

Common uses for thermal transfer printing include things like: The most well known and common application is the UPS and FedEx label shipping label printing applications.

GoDex Thermal Transfer Printers

Scan barcode for print quantity as need. Godex International is gdoex engineering company that specializes in designing and manufacturing barcode printing products that lead the industry in the value price, high-performance category.

There is no thermal transfer ribbon ink involved; direct thermal printing is completed by simply applying heat to the paper. How many labels a day do you intend to print? Barcodes were priner as far back as when a group of students who did a project where they required customers to select their merchandise by removing the correct punch cards from the catalog that corresponded with the items that they wanted.

Some of the early adopters of barcode technology were the railroads and the US Postal Service. Every printer almost, is capable of producing simple barcodes using the right gofex, ink, and paper supply.

Looking for more great information about barcode printers, barcode generator software or barcode label printers? If you are still not sure what ribbon to select we welcome you call at Godex and we will be pleased to assist you. It is analogous to different languages.

Godex G Barcode Printer at Rs /piece | Godex Barcode Printers | ID:

The term barcode symbology is used to represent that specific coding scheme for a particular barcode type. When user likes to upgrade the printer firmware by the USB disk. Barcode software has the same idea. Black and white bars or matrix patterns are used to create the barcode, and depending on whether it is 1-D or 2-D.


Thermal printer applications are found all over the business world.

These numbers are the first part of the numbers that you will use to create your UPC barcodes for retail sales. Each company has their own unique strengths in their offerings of thermal and barcode printing products. In these shipping applications, labels are created and used to create a shipping label which is applied to a package and then tracks that package from the sender to the receiver.

Instead of using a keyboard to type and input data into a system, barcodes and scanners can be used to do the same thing, at much faster speeds with exceptionally low error rates.

If you are unsure about choosing direct thermal or thermal transfer printing, your safe bet is to choose thermal transfer. Call Us Product Selector Tool.

A barcode label can have many different applications. A thermal transfer printer has a printhead that uses heat to create images on labels and tags. Since it is godec industry leading wristband printer, you can count on it for all the services that you might need.