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The time now is Now, I only install the part of drivers that does not tune. OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid Has anyone got the btwincap drivers to work with AverTV Studio? I sent you an email yesterday.

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Thats a month newer version. Has anyone got the btwincap drivers to work with AverTV Studio? I don’t know what the problems that all of you have, but they work perfectly with my TerraTValue sound and everything. Make sure there is no other DVR software running when you do that. Uninstall and remove the old drivers first with that btinstaller. Don’t you think that there is a little advantage of manufacturing your own cards and designing the btiwncap with both set of engenieers right next to eachother?

By the way, i know it”s not the subject, does Vdub work with WDM drivers?? I was going to e-mail the btwincap author or post a bug report but never got around to it since I figured it might just be me.

Very very few of these companies have CCTV background before coming to market with their dvr products. Both work fine, although my TV card kinda garbles the frame order I dunno whose fault this is, prolly the cards Belgabor. What does this mean? Is it some sort of bandwidth issue on the PCI bus?!? I have tried to tune my card with these drivers to no avail using flyDS.


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This is just MHO, if I am wrong and there is a good explanation for the prices please clue me in. All times are GMT I am running Win2K and btspy doesn’t run on that OS. Even so, I generiic got video working, by installing another card in the drop-down list of the installer, but not audio.

In the official site claims that it works only with VFM Download and try VirtualVCR. Uninstall the current driver from your control panel hardware tree you’ve probably got an audio driver and a video driver.

Yeah, thats the one I got.

On win98, I didn’t really succeed with them, but on win2k it’s a pleasure to use them. Worked like charm and my keys were exactly the same as yours, Koepi. I can’t try the little snooping app, I’m on Win2K. Can’t really confirm that, because, and thats why I’m ntwincap, every driver newer than 5. What puzzling to me is that, if I do an overlay at x, it looks fine.

Real simple solution, I hope it works on my machine: Or at least, that’s what the driver says it is. I wrote ejtagle an email about this issue – and the solution is very easy – but he doesn’t want to support it in the drivers: I was simply wondering if anyone with Windows 98 had gendric a a Custom card profile, gneric the btspy application and if so, were willing to share it with me.


In the computer age there are only like bywincap hardware factories that build the components for ALL other companies geo, magic radar, kodi, ati, nvidia, etcusually hardware quality isn’t that much of an issue, it’s more of the original hardware design.

It looks like the field separation works better now resulting in a more crispy picture.

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All times are GMT Do btwuncap know a simpler method? New drivers out, which at least according to the changelog should fix this issue. Basically, my little brother, with enough cash to buy 25 card direct, can contact geo, and say that he’s a dealer, create a fake website on let’s say geocities. Reliable and not resource hungry as well.