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Unable to see what he has achieved in turning his own business and the wider economy around from recession to boom, and blinded by the intense wealth and power he enjoys as a result, the general population and the government turn against him, ultimately destroying him instead of celebrating his success. Galt dies a well-respected hero. They were better when they had no history. Harriman had bought a seat on the New York Stock Exchange at age Once, after hearing me express my restlessness with Wall Street, he remarked “I keep telling you, B. He was shot three times:

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Garet Garrett’s American Story

Skip to main content. Garrett employs every literary device to make commerce itself the setting for great acts of courage, heroism, sacrifice, and tragedy.

Heidi rated it it was amazing Nov 07, Coxey’s Army wanted to demand from Congress a law by which unlimited prosperity and human happiness might be established on earth. This novel demonstrates yet again that no one can make the stuff of enterprise dramatic, tragic, and heroic like Garrett. No more can we say that people back then could not have understood.

Nathan marked it as to-read Sep 07, Galt, an eccentric and brilliant broker, floor trader, and member of the stock exchange believes in the future of the Great Midwestern Railroad, continually buys stock in it with his and his family’s money, and becomes one of its largest stockholders.


Through outstanding management sense, good pricing, excellent service, and overall business savvy, he outcompetes all the big names in the business, while making ggaret fortune in the process.

Galt was modeled on 19th century railroad czar and turnaround specialist, Edward H. But his success breeds trouble. After the Japanese attack on Pearl HarborGarrett supported the war but was still fired from the Post. With him it is not a weakness. Inhe left for New York.

Garet Garrett

With sardonic humor and a constant suspicion of power and those who wield it, Garrett demolishes all the icons in the temple of modern liberalism: I really enjoyed it–very solid attempt, well-written and not too difficult to read, despite its being some years old.

Byhe sat on the board of the Illinois Central and initiated its huge expansion program. Join our RSS Feed. We have crossed the boundary that lies between Republic and Empire.

North Loop Capital Management added it Dec 31, Selections from the Saturday Evening Post: The plot is centered at the turn of the 20th century, a critical period when the agricultural economy was completely giving way to the fully industrialized one, and farmers tthe panicked about the alleged problem of falling prices.

He dreamed of the steel age but failed to make it economically viable. Tim rated it it was amazing Nov 27, No one can fully control price movements, and it is these that act to reward victors and punish losers. Classic of the Month. His creative plan encompassed finance, physical resources, and business policy, reflected his great knowledge of the railroad and its properties, and was embraced by the Board.


Garrett, whose featured writings in the Saturday Evening Post were once read and celebrated by millions, had been relegated to obscurity by a generation that believed they had nothing to learn from prewar popular intellectuals. But in garrrtt, character, tone, and gwrrett they are very different.

T he Driver NY: But its character was misunderstood and could not have been reproduced by any other people. The novel captures the essence of the progressive era of America that spanned the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Seth rated it liked it Dec 10, Profiles Home Profile Garet Garrett.

It took Murray Rothbard to resurrect these truths decades later, and by the time he did so init was a shocking thesis.