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The front firing port may be another setback and this may be the other cause of low midrange quality. Because of the high sensitivity I can say that the atackness will also stand out and will easily be driven with low powered Class A amplifiers. However, AJ-Horn is a reliable software and there is no reason for me to doubt it. This is not necessarily needed with a voltage source unless you think the bass is a overdone, which is not likely. The chamber assembly would also be easier to install. Note that with a current source, you need different values and a higher damping figure is appropriate. I have decided to build an adjustable one.

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For a trade off in efficiency, the FEE offers some benefits I have tried to build this enclosure as small as fostec but again it may not be the best as far as WAF is concerned it never is. This modification proved successful, and I would recommend this method of ‘tuning’ the Daleks.

As for the resonator.

Fostex FE166e Specification Sheet

High efficiency and an easy to drive speaker impedance where my criteria, so I looked for full range drivers, to avoid crossover circuitry.

When I’m being over critical about the sound, plugging in the old bass reflex speakers soon puts me straight!

For this enclosure I think the punchness will be a positive character, but in return of some midrange purity I should say. You may have a better understanding if you download the demo of AJ-Horn or read the online manual from their web page http: As described in the previous page, these enclosures elevated the FEEs to a highly recommended status.

Anyway I plan to build this myself to see weather I am right or wrong in my assumption. To combat this problem, I installed sand filled fabric fe166 from the horn throat down into the first section of the horn expansion.


However, AJ-Horn is a reliable software and there is no reason for me to doubt it. The chamber assembly would also be easier to install.

This is my other favorite Fostex driver. As a result a F3 of 65 Hz came out of the simulation.

Fostex FE166e Portable Speaker User Manual

Many software give you the simulation result of the enclosure coupled with the speaker unit, but they do not show you what will happen when you send different levels of power to the coil. The FEE was my first choice, but I rejected it for this project because of the rising frequency response in the upper midrange and treble, and I wanted to use no compensation circuitry.

Enclosure Plans [ kB pdf] note: Comparing it to the older FEE, it doesn’t extend as low in the bass but the upper mids seemed a bit smoother if less detailed. It was when we moved to a detached house in the sticks, and our ‘normal’ listening level increased substantially, that the bass output became excessive.

The side panels would require a little more ‘twist’, and the lower front panel would need to be modified but the remainder of the cabinet remains the same. You can understand from that graph that, no matter how you load this FEE, you may not receive a certain band of frequencies.

6moons audio reviews: First Watt – An introduction by Nelson Pass

I was sure I could squeeze more bass extension from the driver, so I designed a longer horn. Like Dick’s, the EQ network looks to take some of the upper midrange out as it can get tiring over time, but you will instantly notice the 10dB improvement in the bass.


Different from the ones I have built before, I haven’t give fowtex importance to the low extension of the enclosure. The cone should be sized depending on the room acoustics, type of amplifier, preferred listening levels and personal tastes.

A smaller chamber is used on the Dalek than many designs to control cone motion. It will take more power, has a 96dB sensitivity and if the specs don’t lie, it also has the greatest excursion of the bunch.

This isn’t a dramatic tool which has an enormous effect on the sound, therefore you can play with it confidently.

Depending on your taste you can close some of them in order to fine-tune the speaker to your room or other devices you use in your system.

This seems to be a general characteristic of rear-loading and I think you can expect it with most of these drivers. Yes, there is a peak in the midbass, which can be smoothed with fibrous wadding in the chamber and horn throat.

Used Fostex FEE Loudspeakers for Sale |

Unlike all other Fostex drivers I have simulated FEE has a certain low frequency character which makes the design fostexx hard from my point of view. I won’t bother babbling on about ‘impact’ and ‘dynamics’ as I reckon it comes with the territory of horn speakers. If you are looking for more or louder bass than you are getting with a Fostx and you’re willing to give up a little top end detail, then this is a good choice.

We were able to get marginal improvement on the top end and dramatic results on the bottom.