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Did I tell these cabs are huge? Which one sounded the best? Preparing the two upper braces with midrange cabinet. I don’t have the facilities to measure how deep they go, but believe me, they go deep. Glue the 2 parts of the top lip back together. In the older drivers, the diaphragm was centered by two pins, the newer ones have a groove like mine.

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Check eBay for alternatives. LebenFeb 9, Fostex FT96H Back to drivers.

Fostex FD 2″ Compression Drivers – Volvotreter Homepage

This is very high to present standards and makes the 18″ bass driver handle all of the lower midrange. Have a 15″ Ciare bass driver that needs company. Prepare sides, bottom and top panels and hold together with straps like seen on image. The Hypex module does not have to be flush mounted, but it looks nice when done.

Your ears will bleed before your amp blows, so take care! The outer shell will be some 50 kgs, and then comes bracing, mid cabinet, crossover cabinet, Hypex cabinet, etc.

Discussion in ‘ DIY ‘ compression by hjamesFeb 7, A midrange driver on steroids! Above the dispersion of the 18 Sound horn 0, 10, 20, 30 and 40 deg. All in all the performance of these H drivers look really good and appear worthy of future applications.


They’ve been out in the weather and dried out, someone dropped one and cracked it, there is a gouge out of the other, and they have residue from duct tape all along the lips This even from speakers twice the building compresskon. Mounting drivers – finally All questions regarding purchase of kits, please mail Jantzen Audio at contact jantzen-audio. If you would Heather, could you post some pics of the metal adapters internals from the squared-off end.

The 18″ bass drivers hardly moves delivering thunderous bass.

Driver / Horn : Horn Drivers | Speaker Components| Fostex

Let’s start with the 10NDA midrange driver. If run fully passive from one amplifier, minimum impedance will be 3. The Hypex compartment is big enough for housing this or any coming Hypex Fusion module, except FA, but I’m not going to use this 3-way module.

Not sure if they’ll go on the Valencia project or whatever – but I could not let them get away Not easy to my experience. BMS 18N8 Ohm.

Speaker Components

Go to FA page: The final midrange driver. I’ve used it before and was impressed by its performance, and I know it has found its way into extremely expensive – and well regarded – commercial horn systems.


Prepare for the two upper braces and midrange cabinet, so this can be inserted when costex cabs are assembled. Measurements may give us an idea of tonal balance of a system, i.

The smallest is watt and is more than enough. How can a speaker be too dynamic? The 10NW, which is really meant for another project, didn’t disappoint and made a smooth midrange very well integrated with the horn, but also lacking a certain vivid quality of the 10NDA Not bad at all! However, the JBL system 43NN range never seems to go out of fashion and what about recreating the concept from contemporary drivers and hear what it can do?

I had to call in a couple of bodies to help getting the speakers to compressiob living room.