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If you are willing to switch to a new PC, you must first uninstall the license and get a migration key. On the same theme: Excellent Great working order Verified purchase: Color or monochrome printing on plastic cards for a first level of security compared to paper documents. What type of cards can I use? How do I clean the printer interior? Evolis presents the Badgy solution designed to help you print professional-quality color badges with perfect ease.

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Each Evolis printer shipped will now come with the new Limited Warranty Conditions enclosed in each carton and are also displayed on the second screen of the driver prihter wizard. Primacy Lamination The ideal system for personalizing and laminating your cards Available single or double-sided, Primacy Lamination facilitates printing, encoding, and lamination of cards in order to achieve maximum durability prinyer a high level of security.

No support request will be entertained if generic ribbons have been used.

Drivers for Pebble 4

It is mainly used to directly manage the resource and is provided by Evolis for exclusive use with its printers. The upgrade can ndw done in the card designer itself when you are connected to the Internet.

The driver must be installed before the first use of the printer and must be compatible with the target operating system. Card printers Discover the full range of Evolis Card Printers.


Switching to a new PC, migration of the eMedia software environment How to activate the license key in your eMedia software Which software applications are compatible with Evolis printers? What type of cards can I use? Pebble 4 quick operating guide.

Primacy card printer The Fast and Versatile Card Printer Primacy is available in single and dual-sided versions and is the ideal choice for printing and encoding cards in medium and large runs. Productivity typically drops during projects that involve a new project manager and several established employees. This issue may arise from a dirty or faulty print head.

Please choose One by one: During business events and sale projects, ID badges and cards with monochrome designs provide evoolis benefits. If the colors on the printed card are pirnter dark or too fade, the following points have to be checked:. KC and KCB printers are compact card personalization modules and offer cost-effective solutions to enable instant issuance of personalized plastic cards into any type of self-service kiosks.

Pebble 4 Firmware – v. Wearable parts are elements of the printer which require periodic maintenance, linked to the use of the machine, its environment and the consumables used such as cards, accessories and cleaning products. Join our mailing list and stay up-to-date on new offers, sales and promotions: Has the printing job been correctly sent to the printer?

If you are using cards from another manufacturer, please check up on the specifications.


With the Windows Evolis driver, the Lead-in code and Trailer have to be changed from the Evolis driver or from Card 5. Card printers and identification solutions Discover our products.

The driver version will be required by Evolis whenever you need assistance. Who should I contact? For mechanic, adjustment and also evo,is reasons, the print head of the other or previous ranges are not compatible with the other Evolis printers. Hico stripes are black and Loco stripes are brown. The easiest way to visually determine if a stripe on a card is Hico or Loco is by checking ne color of the stripe.

A technical test card will then be output to the printer, stating the current firmware version of the printer, as shown below:.

Cleaning kit for card printers | Evolis

What settings of evolks computer should I check before installing a driver? How can I connect my printer to my corporate network? What type of magnetic data can be encoded?

Software cardPresso- How can I upgrade my edition of cardPresso? Best Selling in Printers See cad. The printing quality is not good in the area around the chip.