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All the best, Carl Goodwin. Just a couple of comments: That night, the phone rang in their hotel room — it was his boss, Enzo Ferrari. Written by Graham Gauld. The next time we saw the car after we had sold it to a major collector, it had been given a ground up restoration. At Pau he finished second ahead of his team mates Gigi Villoresi and Alberto Ascari although the latter had mechanical trouble.

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I own a Racnig Nash that raced there in and wonder if you have other photos from that race. The car turned over several times and finished up in the members stand. Your email address will not be published.

The dashing Milanese that stayed young forever

It is now a brand new MM Touring Barchetta. It was bloody senseless. I seem to have come across some account of this, probably on the internet, but now cannot locate this reference.

This message will only be shown once. Ferrari was definitely underperforming – and indeed would not take a eugeniio Championship win during Both being three-year old designs it was probably the strength of Maserati’s driving squad that made the difference. The events at Monza, with financial difficulties hanging over him, had moved Gianni Lancia to pull the plug on his Grand Prix effort after just a handful of races, and Eugenio’s Spa entry was a private one.

Mille Miglia – Eugenio Castellotti

With Lancia out of the picture Eugenio moved over to Ferrari, a transfer that was facilitated by the ACI persuading Catsellotti to hand over his promising D50s to the Ferrari team, that continued to struggle with its two designsthe caatellotti the ‘Super Squalo’, the latter being the ‘Squalo’ follow-up.


Eugenio died seconds later. Your comments, criticism and suggestions: With the best qualifying time of the three, Castellotti was allowed to race in the spare You can also subscribe without commenting. I sold it with the words that everything worked and nothing should be changed.

As a driver he was hard on his car often outrunning many of the accepted champions, but usually one of the first to change tires. He was killed at only 26 years old during a private Ferrari test session at the Modena Autodrome.

It was considered the most original Barchetta in existance.

The Lancia-Ferrari bounced off one of the red and white kerb stones and Castellotti was thrown out against a concrete pillar and killed. Castellotti now had his first factory Grand Prix drive for the Scuderia at the Dutch Grand Prix where he finished fifth. I learned more about him eugenuo reading grahams article then I ever learned elsewhere!

Who Was Eugenio Castellotti? | JAQUO Lifestyle Magazine

Did he, will he do a full bio on Portago? After the World Champion retook Castellotti for third, the leading trio began to stretch away, Collins managing to hold his lead until lap 26 – he had hit clutch trouble. He was just in time to give Eugenio the last rites. casetllotti


Give it another shot! Eugenio Castellotti nationality Italian born October 10, hometown Lodi died March 14, place of death Modena.

Your email or your password was wrong. Castellotti was born in LodiItaly. I was wondering if you might be able to shed some light on a minor, but somewhat interesting inquiry. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Certainly in Britain you used to be able to start at 17 when you qualified for a road drivers licence but since lowered to 16 for certain classes of racing.

First Eugenio took Behra on lap 9, with the Englishman coming on strong to pass all for the lead on lap He participated in 14 World Championship Grands Prix, achieving 3 podiums and scored a total of Wayne, I think I wrote the Giancarlo Baghetti piece elsewhere eugfnio he was a real character, I last bumped into him at the Laguna Seca historics shortly before he died.

Four days later Castellotti was out testing the unpainted Ferrari Monza at Monza before the Supercortemaggiore race when Ascari turned up to watch. He got up at dawn and drove over the Raticosa and Futa passes to Bologna and thence to Modena.