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The nForce2 chipset has obviously great potential and we believe that there is even more performance to collect from this chipset. I think it uses your typical AC’97 software-driven six-channel, but I could be wrong. I would get a better one if I were you. Before we move on with the performance tests we have as usual found out the effective clock frequencies on the two motherboards. Also, which other nForce2 boards have the integrated nVidia sound, overclock well and are reasonably priced? To a great extent we direct ourselves, during the overclocking tests, to FSB-overclocking. Yes, my password is:

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Epox Ep – 8rda Sound Driver. Plus all the e;ox CD with drivers. The CPU-voltage is increasable to 2. I’m not at my linux box now so I can’t tell you where to find the module, but I guess that when you go to compile your kernel, got “device driver. The two tests are Buffered Memory Bandwidth and Unbuffered Memory Bandwidth and here below a short explanation follows about what the difference between the two is.

Windowsand it would die on me if I tried to boot into safe mode telling me that it couldn’t read some driver.

Epox 8RDA+ nForce2 Motherboard Review –

We see a clear increase of performance and this in spite of the video card which in 3Dmark becomes a noticible bottleneck. For most people though the sound quality is more than enough even with these circuits.

The thing about MWave is that they charge a little more than Newegg for their memory and CPU so it doesn’t really make sense to wait. Epox 8RDA – 6 channel sound? As final words we would like to say that soon there will be more nForce2 motherboards here on Nordichardware but which ones the future will reveal…. The two nForce chipset which followed after this introduction have used just about the same APU and it still performs outstandingly.


The 8rda uses the MCP no “T” which doesn’t support 3d-audio, etc. Driver Versions Windows XP: RGrizzzz Ars Praefectus Tribus: But every now and then my sound goes all crackled and a war then you sound going all muffled and crackled.

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File compression 8rdw one of the more usual jobs the computer gets to carry out and it is a very memory demanding application. And with the video card installed it is impossible to change memory module if you do not physically bend the video card which we, of obvious reasons, do not recommend. Buffered memory benchmark is the test which is default in SiSoft Sandra and includes different instruction optimizations and depends more or less only on the memory frequency.

First of all we have run the tests in the recommended setting where the memory bus is synchronized with the FSB.

8rdz Tue Mar 11, 8: PC Health is the built-in monitoring software which keeps an eye on temperature, voltage and rpm of the system fans. We have even done a few different tests with memory frequencies on the nForce2 card to further explore the problems with asynchronous memory speeds.


I have to use the Epox cd that has the C-media drivers. The company soumd been dominating the graphics market ever since 3Dfx expired but during the latest months nVidia has shown up more and more in another context. One word which is often connected to the nForce chipsets is SoundStorm, which however is a bit of a woolly concept. The chipset cooler on the motherboard is of a bit unusual design and of a passive kind which unfortunately proved to have a multiple number of flaws.

Nov 25, Posts: The last test we did was a full feathered overclocking test where both the motherboard and the processor was pushed to their limit. The eplx is that there is at least one big disadvantage. Is it chocked full of USB and firewire ports, or is it just a soun and simple mainboard solution?

It seems as if the nForce2 north bridge SPP varies greatly in quality and unfortunately we had undoubtedly gotten one of lesser quality.

We have actually 8rdaa reports of users who during the installation of their Ti video card scratched of a circuit which then killed the card. No, create an account now.

It doesn’t say whether or not it will be enabled in the future.