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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: It’s the high end for mp3 like cdj mk2 is the high-end turntables cd. XP10 can be directly connected to a club mixer via RCA connectors, thus eliminating the need for external soundcards. Likewise Traktor gave me a warning that no soundcard was installed, when I tried to change the latency. They have one stereo output, so if you want 4 deck control you need to use them as midi controllers and use external soundcard with more outputs or get more xps.. I added a Trigger Finger to mine so that I had the extra pads,faders,knobs to play around with.

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I use them for 5 months and they give me every day more satisfactions trs is good for beginners and evolve too!

Happy Holidays!

Much prefer the idea of changing bits as and when necessary! Controllers, Mods and Gear eks xp The drivers are from Windows XP and have done x10 stable. Here is the link for technical characteristics of the controllers www.

Forum DJ Gear Hardware: This would just give you those extra knobs, faders dp10 might want and also some nice pads to use with loops, cues etc. I’m thinking 2 XP5’s, a 4 or 5 channel mixer for expandability possibly a Behringer DDM but not sure yet and maybe an extra midi controller should I need it at a later date.

I use the software that goes best with, know Bison, he did not envy other software currently available mix, it is simple, clear and above all, what my taste is important: Nothing is easier for instalation you plug a USB cable and plug the controller a mixer USB cables for my advice over a hub that plugs into a wall outlet as casually juice and a pump on a single laptop battery autonomy is reduced Indeed, when reoit the brothel, one is a little: Hey thanks very much!


It changes the way of thinking about mobile DJ’ing. It is a matter of habit. I own a set of XP10’s and I haven’t px10 any issues with them as yet. So lightweight and small.

I tried everything that is in the field of information technology for DJ, it’s my favorite. The jog is super reactive and touch no latency whatsoever as well as the jog button is pressed and the direct part is extreme pitch bend jog but is also possible to switch to vinyl mode or cd cdj mk2 like Everyone t bluff by Ractive.

Using patented audio technology it will satisfy the needs of audio purists and music industry professionals. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

Once you rack like a pro DJ numrique so the design is class! This makes the XP10 a totally future proof product.

User reviews: EKS XP10 – Audiofanzine

Touching the top stops the music, allowing you to scratch or cue the track by rotating the wheel. By touching just the outer rim of the wheel, you can speed up or slow zp10 the track. The touch sensitive aluminium top of the wheel functions just like a vinyl turntable. XP10 is supported natively by an increasing number of major software vendors and thanks to the MIDI support, you can unleash your creativity by combining XP10 with just about any application imaginable, be it audio, video or something else altogether.


Add the fast action and scale of the pitch control and the choices have no end.

Eks Xp10 – Xp | NI Community Forum

By enabling Pitch Shifting you can alter the pitch without affecting the tempo of the track. You do have an issue with 4 deck mixing though!

The buttons dont really move when pressed. Trs a good investment for me They seem about the best option as they will let me choose the other bits to go with them. The XP10 is supported natively by an increasing number of major vendors.

With the exprience I have, and even if it is thin, I think I Rasht. The jog wheel is really good.