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You have to close the software, disconnect the audio interface, switch the jumper to the play position and relaunch the software!!! Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. They advertise the soundcard emphasizing its sound quality and proclaiming that it allows you to enhance the poor audio capabilities of the laptop’s integrated soundcard Request a new review. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.

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All user reviews for the Edirol UA-1EX

The sound of the headphone output is very bad, especially at loud volumes, the signal has no dynamics and you can hear distortion in the low-mid range.

Is there any similar device worth considering? I also make music with Logic and FL studio. Roland replaced it in their lineup with the Cakewalk UA-1G but it’s long out of production. MOTU Microbook Personally I think the software it comes with Cuemix in particular makes it worth the difference in price but everyones budget is different. I don’t have an iPad and I’m not looking for a mixer, so it’s not really what I’m looking for. Also, having two separate gain controls could be annoying for stereo recording a lot of what I record is from tape or VHS.

The audio interface is quite comprehensive and it is one of the few models in this price range that provides digital inputs and outputs.


The RCA outputs deliver a good sound definition, especially at 96 kHz where the soundcard really excels. The lowest latency with Logic is 9 ms, which is barely ok for real-time applications. I’m having a hard time trying to find an equivalent replacement.

Edirol by Roland USB Audio Interface Ua-1ex | eBay

Request a new review. DVDdoug on Plastic wdirol assembly are really Camelott, but for 89 EUR You have a knob to set the level.

What I like least: So maybe if you want to spend less than on the Focusrite look at something from Berhinger. What I like most: What I’m looking for is basically this: By using our services, you agree to ua11ex use of cookies.

Edirol by Roland USB Audio Interface Ua-1ex

I think the Scarlett 2i2 would be ideal considering the alternatives – it’s the kind of form factor I’m looking for something I can put on top of my PC underneath the desk and access easily and I can get over the non-consumer grade connections.

A good option would probably the Lexicon Alpha. Therefore you also have to disconnect the unit to change its sample uq1ex.

Very practical for monitoring and recording simultaneously correct quality trs. It doesn’t really do much more that would be useful for me can’t really see myself using that software. The latency isn’t the best, but even with more expensive USB interfaces you won’t get better results when uua1ex with a DAW.

It’s better to disable all ediro USB devices if possible when you use the unit to avoid any problems. J register with Harmand kardon amp via the analog numrique as a warrior and I can ‘one rsultat I don’ t dare call L even if the purists will say it is better q’il are billions of possibilities that s’ open with such a tool in my configuration.


The analog RCA input is bridged with the mic input and there is no input selector nor a separate control for each, so if you want to record a high level signal you get tons of noise, even without a sdirol. Anyone have experience with Focusrite products in general? I find the inputs too noisy on the onboard audio Realtek ALC on my desktop, and both the inputs and outputs on my edirop are abysmal Dell E with constant insufferable coil whine.

Not satisfied with those reviews? I’m happy with being able to get in and out 24Bits. Regret is the optical minijack the toslink would have been more convenient. Its ok for the money, but choose another product if you have the means to edidol so. Go with a Firewire for that. I use it to get in and out of my digital laptop USE No pb installation, including windows mdia edition