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I managed to set up the F no problem with network cable and phone. I assume this has to do with the FTP settings. Thanks for all of your work in putting this post together. Anonymous September 24, at Many thanks in advance. I ask your help in this setting: I was not power cycling the camera!

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F series -Online CD

Even on my iPhone remotely. I could configure the wireless lan, the camera detected it fine. After completing port forwarding, you can visit the IP camera through device code in outer net remotely; Default visit addresses for common used router are as followed: My router has been set to range from James Long June 5, at 8: I can set static ip and mac in the router c how do I find mac of wifi of the camera?

Your manual failed to upload Did you ever figure this out? Anonymous September 22, at 2: What am I doing wrong…?


Connect to F-series IP cameras

I seties tried different file names and save locations but no joy. I’ve seen examples of things ‘sort of’ communicating even when by rights they shouldn’t: I couldn’t get the identification tool to find the camera, but the router told me the IP address and following the guide, its up.

What do they do??? An installation pop-up will appear. Start typing in the “Make” box to find your camera.

Ataul Gani December 22, at And how do I zoom in and out? I have set up a port forward service on my router, is this all I have to do?

Clear the Router once the wireless is setup. Really can’t figure out what has happened.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Many thanks again, Geoff. Anonymous February 7, at 1: Or would I better trying to contact the supplier.

I haven’t done anything to the FTP because, I have no idea what to do there. Phil Coultard July 9, at Tell us about it.


So I can get multiple snapshots of the motion detection incident. Anonymous August 16, at 2: Despite of this, it works as usual also in these time serjes.

Phil Coultard April 11, at 4: Once the Camera reboots then set the port forward. Mousetrapper August 16, at 8: Phil Coultard October 15, at 6: Another tack would be to try a filter in the recipient GMail account.

Hi Phil, I want to buy your product, but the problem is the default ip address, how do Caamera access it? Up, down, left, and right: