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Anonymous September 4, at Again, many thanks for your help, I don’t know what I would have done without this article! I can set static ip and mac in the router but how do I find mac of wifi of the camera? Thanks so much for all the articles. I could not connect to my model F-M anymore, and experimented with the reset, but had no clue how long to press it.

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Also you would also need to explain your setup e. While you are on holiday.

Any pi or experience of this please? Plop October 29, at Chartez Morton February 28, at 5: The Wizard Mode won’t find it. Nevertheless, I feel I’m stuck on level 0 with my EasyN.

Charles Jones November 4, at At the moment I can get still iamges automatically delivered upon motion, sent to a gmail account which is then forwarded to my iphone via a very useful free app called boxcar.


Check with your provider. Anonymous February 7, at 1: Anonymous January 21, at 3: When connected through outer network, a log-in interface will appear: Thank you very much for the help!

I noticed several requests for help regarding the audio but did not see any responses.

EasyN F Series User manual User Manual | 26 pages

Tell us what’s missing. Anonymous May 27, at If yes could you please share it? Camera cakera when hard connected to the router but cannot connect via wifi.

Phil Coultard October 28, at 8: I tried to post this but it went away However Gmail has now banned the camera as a bulk sender.

If so what do you get in a browser from that ip?

EasyN F Series User manual User Manual

I think that side of things is working as it updates the address successfully when I’ve checked. My isp is RCN and it is pop. Unknown June 3, at Anybody found this setting?


After spending virtually the whole weekend on it, I think I’m beaten! Without all of that information any help will be mere speculation, and without it all I can suggest is that you factory reset the unit and go through the steps again. Anonymous November 22, at 7: But I set them up in my shop and as soon as I set up the wireless the camera goes through the rotations and stops so I give It a minute then disconnect the network cable and then it freezes.

EasyN F Series : User manual Owner’s manual

Up, down, left, and right: Newer Post Older Post Home. It’s a Gmail account and so far, I have: I followed the instruction fronm the mnual. How to acmera this sound proactively?