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For the cost it has everything I need! Please check if there are any pending Windows updates and install them as well. Well done both of you. Send a private message to Bentleyousley. Sorry to hear that but I get it. This happens on a few occasions on forums.

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I do not, however, enable my onboard soundcard on the desktop, so there are not any conflicts. In reply to CSAngel 2 ‘s post on August 6, Have not tried recording higher than When one is doing the process of self-analysis, One should make sure that the Self that is doing the analysis is, in fact, sane.

They work flawless in windows 7.

I am waiting for their reply. So very strange that after all of that your post should appear Guitarpima I’ve been using my card for quite a while. Please contact support services and quote “Error I” “. I might be wrong, but I cannot think what else would be going on. And then there’s the power supply.


Best Drivers in for Windows 7 64bit. Added kHz support to E-MU Find More Posts by foxAsteria. The beta drivers are good but what concerns me is that they’ve been in beta since 112m. As I wrote above, they worked perfectly on my system with Windows 8.

And now think on. I rebooted the machine again, this time it went into a system repair mode, after which it tried to boot up, but got hung at the stage just before before the account name appeards prompting the user for password to log in.

EMU 1616 and Windows 7 64 bit OS

MasakiPhenom Replied on August 7, I use an M-Audio soundcard that Is working as expected in Win 10 that had no drivers for it other than Win 8. A much better interface, much better. I did use the reverb for tracking.

I bumped across a posting in another forum in which a bloke claims that his m works perfectly on W7. Mathew Hip Hop http: Fixed bug where switching between internal and external source caused PatchMix windowss error.


I usually work in a sample rate of Oddly, Win Media Player won’t work with it. It seems that support is lacking. Hope that works for everyone. Yeah I wrote to them last night a while after I posted the problem here.

But as I saiid before, is not so hard to figure out how the automatic configuration changes your setings and after you solve this problem everything is super Ok. I than switched on the the microdock and all the LEDs got turned on, preety strange.

Emu m: Best Drivers in for Windows 7 64bit – Cockos Incorporated Forums

Send a private message to foxAsteria. In my situation was some strange “auto configuration” of the audio output ports in the steinberg interface which comes with the package.

The hardware IDs for the card are as follows: