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They have the same right list as power user. Clear all Clear all the detection areas and then users can select customized detection areas by cursor. Turn off the PC s power and unplug the power cable. Schedule record mode timer Icon Description means the dome rotate up. Buzzer and Auto mail.

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All specifications are therefore subject to change More information.

Figure Rd3004 Configuration We provide users to set schedules from Sunday to Monday separately for all of the three record modes. Z device and get the Baud Rate, Protocol, and Address first, then set their values accordingly.

Users can play with the third player directly. Alarm setup The Alarm setup configuration is show as below: Search by record mode.

It will list all files recorded in the day. For example, by selecting Third 4 Channels, Camera9, Tf3004, Camera11, and Camera12 will be quickly selected simultaneously.

DriverMax – MEDIA – SuperDVR – TD Video Computer Driver Updates

When a certain channel has been selected for playing back, the background color will be highlighted, or its dark gray, and a tick sign will appear beside the channel title.

Click button near ‘Zoom’ button to zoom out the locale picture of this camera ‘Iris’ button. Click Auto Mail icon on the tdd3004 top side of alarm configuration page and enter the following area to make Auto Mail setup, referred Figure Click and a pop-up window will appear; users can choose different preset or group set. Address Communication address of P.


This unit supports IE browser, not any client software installed. Click the bar, and it will be magnified 10 times, therefore users can see the detailed time marks.

Techwell TW+ driver – Techwell Video Drivers –

By selecting this option, only administrator can see corresponding channels. Manual Record By selecting the options, the relative camera images will be recorded and saved all the time.

By selecting the options, only administrators can see the corresponding channels. Buzzer Users can select whether to open the computer buzzer if the alarms have been triggered and also select how long the buzzer rings 2. Full dvvr alarm Users can select whether channel will be full screen when alarm triggered.

MEDIA – SuperDVR – TD3004 Video Computer Driver Updates

Table of Contents Chapter 1. In this manual, you will learn how to install the hardware and driver softwareand how to setup the systems of this range of products.


Switch By selecting the options, users can turn on corresponding cameras. Professional Central Monitoring Software.

Motion holding time The continuous recording time after motion stopped 6. When there are some TD card connects together, please connect the line as following figure. Big Screen Holding Tf3004 The corresponding channel will be full screen when alarm triggered. It sets the rotational speed of the PTZ The main area at the center gives details of the record files. The administrator endows rights to td304 users by ticking off boxes in the right list.

All specifications are therefore subject to change.

Techwell TW6800+ Video Driver

Default Load defaults, i. Search in backup file and original file C: If all the partitions are full and recycling record mode is enabled, the former recorded data will be covered by new data. Users can select maximum 16 customized areas for each channel Set Motion Detection Area By click Clear, users can clear all the selected areas.