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This was until the unexpected happened Tried two different drives orig and repla same problem. I burned it at 16x no problem in about 7 minutes. Click on this for more technical information. No coasters on any attempted burn even the errors , just stoppage. Now anything I do try and burn is a coaster with it.

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After this speed it will not increase anymore.

The dvds I did make weren’t evdrw compatible with dvd players. Comments posted by Humanmetal from United States, June 01, So far, the quality of the movies are great and the speed is great and the burner runs perfect. The Liveupdate for firmware is great and shows that the company is dedicated to making sure they have a good product.

Emprex DVDRW 1016IM Free Driver Download (Official)

It tells you what it finds. When I realized the problem, saw that it had “sanded” a circle in the middle of the plastic. rvdrw


It is a big piece of junk. Even if I tell it to use a lower write speed, when I check the File, Compilation properties, it’s always gone back to the high speed it likes. 1016om about six months the burner started not reconizing any dvd media.

Emprex Dvd-rw Drive DVDRW 11116im

This is a cheap review. The quiet registered because: A bunch of coasters, some successful but incompatible in most DVD players. I played around with 3 above, and results seemed to be the same. It burns very fast and works perfectly with the Fuji and Compusa media I’ve been using.

How to record anything on your screen using th I upgraded from the 116im burner to this 8x burner and have had nothing but success. Rated this writer 10 of Nero would always use the overspeed 12x.

Now anything I do try and burn is a coaster with it.

Emprex DVDRW IM DVD Writer – VideoHelp

BTW, i forgot a rating Stay away from shite brands and anything which is new on the market until proven reliable. If you’re running XP2, dverw have a problem if you have the Windows Firewall enabled. This was until the unexpected happened I seem to be able to buy cheap DVD’s at Fry’s and burn at up to 12x.


Updated to new firmware from A to A17J. Spent the whole morning trying to figure out why my Emprex is only producing coasters. Comments posted by Erik from United States, December 12, Firmware A, unable to upgrade on Mac. Disable it, or put the C: Rated this writer 5 of Still a bit wary though, have 27 more days to bring back.

Emprex Dvd-rw Drive DVDRW im | eBay

Mixed results from others, it looks like. A big waste of my time and money. Rated this writer No rating.